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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 09:58

Singapore bars make you groove

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singapore barIf you are fond of dancing or if number of days have been passed without having fun or if you want a break from your hectic schedule, then what are you waiting for? Refresh and activate your senses by shaking a leg and pairing it with a glass of wine. Bars in Singapore are famous and popular for delivering best of the services to the customers who come in to have enough quality time. People have a hunger to enjoy and have fun at the bars and seek out the best bars in Singapore that can deliver facilities that you are looking.

There are number of reasons that people are hooked towards the taverns. Whether you want to celebrate grand night with your friends, or get-together with international clients, or some family festivity, or want to enjoy the huge match with a glass of wine or dancing to your favorite numbers, everything you will get and adore after spending your precious time here.

The dance floor in the inns is arranged and organized in such a way that you cannot stop yourself dancing to the latest numbers. It's not only on the special occasions rather if you visit that is unplanned then also you get indulged yourself and get attracted to the dance floor. If you want to go for the normal hang-out, you may get songs that may not be of your choice and if you personally want to enjoy to your favorite numbers then surely you should plan and co-ordinate with tavern's owner in advance. With proper strategy, planning, and execution, you can make the night more special.

If you want to make your list to be played on the dance floor, then you must have a meet with the DJ and ask him to arrange for you. They have very long list from which you can select and make the night special. From retro to the classical, from hip-hop to the disco beats, from latest to the remixes, you can make a choice and enhance your time-out. Have a proper search and book the best bar that can provide with the best of the amenities and facilities at most reasonable prices. It is essential to have a look and before selecting the tavern, make sure that you have chosen the best and perfect tavern that meets your demand.

After deciding on the important aspect that is inn selection and dance floor, the next big element is to look upon the food and the drink section. After all this is the only element that adds on light and spark to the nightlife in Singapore. From finger licking food to the tempting cocktails and mocktails, from delicious starters to the delightful desserts, inns deliver each aspect keeping in mind the taste of the customer.

The best way to combine everything is to search out for the best bars that focus on quality and quantity services. To make out the evening special and rejuvenate your senses, Singapore bars can be the perfect and the most suitable option for you people. So just groove and enroll yourself.

Thursday, 04 July 2013 12:03


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Apart from the ordinary soccer, baseball or soccer die hards, are the Indian Premier League  die hards located in Singapore. At the time for the premier league, sports bars in Singapore fill up with crazed funs glued to the screens. In case they are not glue to the screens in bars, you wll find them struggling to get tickets to watch the matche slive at the various stadiums in India.

The best bars to watch sports during IPL, as per several sports lovers are:

  • Craftbeer

Sports lovers loved to step into the bar chain by Boulevard, as it provides perfect sporty ambience where watching matches is fun. The menu served is simply amazing and the best part is the location.

  • Bartini

Here you will enjoy your game as you indulge in the amazing cocktails that they are known for making.

  • Robertson Quay

It has a very relaxed vibe to it, hence very suitable for you to unwind. Other than that, it has so many screens that surround you, allowing you to feel comfortable enough to select the most preferrable sitting position.

  • Good Ol’ cafe

You will have the opportinity to enjoy your game,but at the same time enjoy amazing dishes such as pasta and ribs, that they make.

  • Brewerkz

They have a large screen for you to clearly see. Other than that, they have okay service  and will give you the opportunity to enjoy beer because they are one of the beer brewing pioneers.

  • The Penny Black

It is a good place to watch the game and unwind. Other than that, it is also a good spot to interact with profesionals such as lawyers and bankers, who frequent the joint.

  • Ice cold beer

It is a very cozy pub that has a feel of a country pub. They also have a variety of beers for you to choose. For examle Austrlian beer.

  • Treetops

Here you will receive high quality service .Other than that, they have a wide array of wines and beers to choose from.

  • Wala Wala

It is a good place to go watch the game, unwind and meet new people. The pub is planned and arranged in  way that normally promotes conversation between people.

  • Hacienda

It is a family friendly bar that allows you to go with toddlers, enjoy a meal as well as enjoying the game.

There are various other best dining bars restaurants in Singapore, where you can enjoy the matches.

Monday, 01 July 2013 05:15

Sports Bars Promoting Love for Sports

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loveforsportsSports lovers are increasing day by day not only in Singapore but also all over the world. Be it soccer, rugby or football, people love to watch the match with group of friends and at the place where they can enjoy the game with a glass of their favorite drink. Sports bar in Singapore is becoming the most happening place for the sports lovers as they provide with the best finger licking appetizers, HD screens, variety in drinks. People are mostly hooked to the nightlife and enjoy their drink and good bar food in Singapore.  

Match season is the best time for the sports lovers. Sports lovers wait for this time to enjoy and cherish the moment. People look out for the places where they can enjoy and have fun and bars are the best place for them where they get themselves indulged in the glass of drink. Bars leave you with many options like if you want to watch the game on the rooftop, or if you want to watch in an open hall, or in the main area of the bar, you get variety of options, which make you happy and enjoy every chunk of the game. You are served with plenty of food, drinks, and music.

Taverns make special arrangements to make your time special and memorable. A food menu ranges from luxurious dinner down to the finger licking good appetizers. You can also play while watching your favorite match as they provide you with the option of pool tables and an electronic dart board to enjoy other games as well while watching the favorite game on the big screen. Many of the bars provide with many screen options, like you can watch separately if only your group of friends need to enjoy the game or if you want to place your seat near to the screen you can have arrangements for that also. Singapore is known for the good bar food and drinks as you get much international and famous variety in drinks. For this, you have to book your tickets in advance, as the restaurants are generally over booked during peak hours.

If say, 2 matches have been planned for the day, then also you have the same options available with the taverns. The arrangements and execution is done in such a way that you get the same facilities in the same i.e. one tavern and 2 matches taking place. Like this, you can also have a look at the other screen, if you are interested in the other match as well. This will make you enjoy both the games at the same place.

Inns are now specialized and advanced that you get many options not only for the sports season rather for every occasion. Nightlife here is known for its perfection and grace, this place provides to people. Tourists enjoy this place because of the luxurious and excellence in their services which makes them free from stress and worries. Inns have now added variety in the drinks, food and music keeping in mind all the tastes of all walks of people, which provides local people also to taste the pinch of different flavors and varieties.

Monday, 04 February 2013 00:00

Which Singapore Bar will you visit?

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You can call complete your visit to Singapore only after checking out the nightlife in Singapore. The way Singapore transforms from a busy business place in daytime to a chilling-out place full of lights and hyper activity hub in the night is mindboggling. It is so very natural to slip into the night with a complete makeover. This definitely sets all the people in a different high! Treat yourself at the bars in Singapore with the best beers and vodkas to get started for the night. And you simply cannot miss the whisky bars in Singapore that provide world class, state-of-the-art whisky.

The best features of some of the bars here are: roof-top bars with cozy sittings, bars facing a beautiful landscape looking on the typical skyline of Singapore, bars coupled with exquisite cuisine that has continental dishes on the menu cards, amphitheater and screens to watch movies, sports while you enjoy your night out in Singapore and more. Most of the superior bars and restaurants are located on floors 50 and above, that gives a great view of the city from the height. All you need to do is simply binge into the night buzz and party hard with your buddies around. Get on the roads and enjoy the twinkling roads dazzling in the lights of the night. Hook yourself at the best bars to watch sports! You would not miss anything while making the most of your party time.

With so many options around, you need to check what suits your taste and mood tonight. You can find most of the youngsters out there in the bars in Singapore. Chill out with your friends with a mug of beer or simply relax after a big long day. Singapore has much to offer. So, time to wrap up your work guys and bask yourselves in the night ablaze with so many activities and things to do. You can get into the Alfresco Bars in Singapore or empty the bottles at the best whisky bars in Singapore. The choice is yours, where to hit? But you have to hit when the sun sets down. Work hard and party harder is the unsaid principle to be followed here. So are you still busy grinding your nose in front of your laptops? Get up guys and join the bandwagon of partying in the night.

Friday, 19 April 2013 06:44

A chill out eve @ Singapore bars

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To chill out in Singapore has never been an issue. Yes, Singapore is a place that is dazzling, energizing, and more importantly enthusiastic. The wind that blows in the city sways everyone to a different world of fun. When it comes to fun activities, different people have different definitions; some like to party with friends while sharing drinks at chill out bars in Singapore and some love to barge in at excursion places for spending a good time out of work.

Singapore has different options for tourists, business people, and common residents. Let us see, what different people prefer to spend a chill out evening in Singapore:
The tourist’s favorite:

Tourists visit Singapore for its amazing nightlife; this is true as per the survey conducted by Singapore Tourism. Singapore love to serve the tourists more then what they expect. Therefore, Singapore’s nightlife isn’t dark but full of colors, music, and fun. There are chill out bars, alfresco bars, and other restaurants with different themes. These are amongst the most preferred choices of the tourists. Otherwise, there are enticing options for visiting serene places at country side that sets romantic aura.
Corporate’s preferred go:

The people from corporate world in Singapore aren’t boring and workaholic. They know how to make fun with work. Therefore, before heading to their homes in the evening and making their lives monotonous, they love to peep into the bouncing life of Singapore wine bars. In fact, holding corporate meetings and team discussions at corporate bars is also on the preferred lists of the corporate for having a fun time at work.
The Singaporeans flavor:

Leave the tourists as well as the corporates’; the group that majorly defines the fun night people is the residents of Singapore. Everyone just loves to barge out of the home and make every random place a fun place. Whether you checkout the streets, popular hanging spots, bars and restaurants, clubs, or any other place, its full of life, colors, light, music and giggles.

It’s truly said that nigh isn’t always for sleeping, it’s just for relaxing & the way could be any.

Friday, 19 April 2013 06:42

Top Sports Bars in Singapore

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You ought to check the sports bars in Singapore once in the city. They are so well developed and wanna-be places that people get hooked to them very easily. Not just this, most of them are located at heights, above the 50th floor. This gives them a panoramic view of the city and its happening lifestyle. The Singapore bars are clubbed with many sports, especially golf which is the most favorite one and in great demand. There are many versions of this game customized per the location and entertainment purposes.


The most preferred and highly visited sports bars in Singapore include the 1-Altitude that comprise of aesthetic dining area offered by the restaurant, gaming zone for golf and a bar. The roof top bar is the USP of this one that renders a beautiful view of the entire city. This is followed by couple of more like the Strumm’s Sports Bar, Boulevard – Craft Beers by archipelago and the V-Golf Sports Bar. So if you are at Singapore, it is an unsaid ritual and tradition to be at these hip places.

The bars in Singapore are known to own the finest beers and alcohol that is world famous. They are frequented by all the age groups. You automatically get tempted to the sports bars in Singapore if you are a sports freak. As it is well said, the city of Singapore has something to match everyone’s interest. In fact, bars are turning into live showbiz venue for corporate. So, after working hard for the day, it’s the time to set your body loose and enjoy the nightlife, which the city offers.

So what holds you back guys? Break the shackles and get down on the roads and hit these bars to have a gala time and experience. Believe me; you will keep revisiting these places once you be there. So do not hesitate to take the first step into the night buzz of Singapore and the many bars for which it is very well known.

Friday, 19 April 2013 06:40

Let the fun begin at the bars!

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You cannot enjoy better in the four walled closet than in the open skies in the company of the nature. This is the thumb rule that most of the best Singapore bars are following. They believe that it can be a more fun-filled and enriching experience in many ways. In the process of having fun, you definitely are enticed with the various features that are available as supplements. Moreover, it is the time to make new friends, catch up with the old ones, and also discover a newer self in you.

You might have come across best bars to watch sports that rock the city, where you can watch sports along with gulping down your favorite drinks. It is now your turn to participate in the same and live the thrill and excitement. You have it in many places in Singapore and in fact, a few are well known brands. These are highly organized events – well planned right from the start to the finish. There is a very conducive ambience with recliners, bean bags, sofas, lounge to relax you. While enjoying the sports, you can as well keep on the munching some of the well-made, exquisitely flavored appetizers and starter platters. That is generally very easy and full of zeal, and the best part is to be a part of all this actively. While doing all this, you can definitely unload the entire day’s load, worries, failures, tensions and be yourself for the time being.

It generally works wonders and very effectively. Watching your favorite game at beer bar with a clan who shares the same interest and level of passion like you is simply an awesome experience. You can feel the difference yourself! So, it is time to set yourself free from all the workload and enjoy the cool breeze with the best cocktail glass in hand and the sports in front of your eyes. Get ready to enjoy all this and unfold the pleasure that the night has in store for you. Decide upon which Singapore Bar will you visit and then let the fun begin!


Singapore has a lot to offer to its residents and tourists. Singapore is not only popular among travelers for tourism but is also a big business hub for business men and traders visiting the country from all over the world. After a hectic day, Singapore has a lot to offer at night too for better relaxation of mind and get prepared for the next day again.

Nightlife in Singapore is amazing because it offers various activities to serve many purposes from relaxation to adventure and from shopping to business meetings. Here are few top destinations that can be enjoyed at night in Singapore.
Singapore Zoo with Night Safari

Singapore Zoo is known to be one of the world’s best Zoo and it is worth visiting there. There is a great option of enjoying the Night Safari in Singapore Zoo where you can have an adventurous experience of tram ride in the jungle to see all the nocturnal animals from fierce predators to timid forest dwellers. Close view of the animals on a guided trail walk can also be experienced on demand. There are English speaking licensed guide during the trip to assure your safety and for better safari experience. You can end up by having dinner at Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant which offers great food and atmosphere after the adventurous ride.

Trishaw Night Tour at ChinaTown

There are various activities to be indulged in Chinatown during the evening. The trishaw ride in the Night Market is one of the best experiences one can have which gives a true traditional feeling of the Chinese culture. Night Cruise by traditional bumboat is another activity to enjoy. A very interesting Yong Gallery is also very famous for converting your name to auspicious Chinese character by master calligrapher.

Dinner Along Singapore River

To enjoy a relaxing and a peaceful evening in Singapore, you can start by dining riverside to admire the night skyline beautifully reflected on the water and also have the photo opportunity of the beautiful skyline. After dinner, there is an option to surf the vibrant Night Market and Bugis Street. The evening tour can be continued to the famous Raffles Hotel with the option to enjoy a Singapore Sling, Singapore’s signature cocktail.

Nightlife in Singapore Bars and Pubs

Singapore Bars and Pubs are another great experience for spending a wonderful evening. Bars in Singapore are not only popular for spending leisure hours after the hectic day but is also crowded with business groups for business meetings and corporate events. There are special arrangements in most of the bars for such events and meetings. Along with the perfect atmosphere, pubs and restrobars in Singapore offer great food variety and taste to attract regular visitors. After visiting there, even you would cheerfully admit that Singapore bars are raising the happiness bar.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 16:10

What 2013 brings in for Corporate?

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We have ushered into 2013 eventfully and we are about to complete the first quarter of the year. Where teams are busy preparing their taxes and papers, they are not going to miss on the corporate events being organized externally and internally to enhance the team and equip the team members with the latest skills required, technically as well as non-technically. There are in fact many events being planned throughout Singapore to cope up the demand with the increasing number of business hubs and team members all over. With an influx of new candidates and employees, it is always compulsory for the corporate to organize events for better team building.

Singapore is known for its rocking and ravishing nightlife. And entities are living that up to the best by conducting their events in the very renowned Singapore Bars. They definitely are having the best of both the worlds and making hay along with the entire team. The bars in Singapore are mostly on the upper half of the skyscrapers, with most of them having open terrace. These bars look up on the city and give a beautiful view to the onlooker. The landscape is breathtaking, especially in the night. What can be a better place to conduct corporate events and have a gala time together?

At these bars, you get perfect platform to organize the events professionally. Besides, these bars are very spacious to accommodate big teams. So all you need to do is reach the best Singapore bar and leave the rest to the management over there. You only need to enlist the menu. You have a great choice to pick from starters, drinks and amazing continental food. These bars can be booked in prior to hold the corporate events. Advance bookings can be done over the phone as well. So all you need to do is get ready for the eventful event and put the team on the wheels destined to the Singapore’s Bar to enjoy the splash of the city. You are definitely going to enjoy this!


Arranging events within or outside the organization is a common trend in the corporate world and it is greatly helpful in the team building of the employees. The corporate leaders to motivate their staff members and let them indulge in the business events activities collaboratively, plan the team building events. For a new business associate in the corporate world, it is important to follow the instructions for better team building activities.

Decide on goal and budget
Just think what you want from your team building day and how much you can spend to make it successful. If you want to reward your employees for accomplishing a big project, then nothing can be better than arranging the corporate events within the organization. Apart from making it an incentive day, team construction activities would also help your employees to know each other on more personal basis and let them learn how to work better being together.

Choose a convenient time
Once you are done with your goal for the day and a general budget, you can choose a convenient time that suits you and your entire staff members as well. However, a team construction activity during the work hours becomes more receptive to the employees, but it is important to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with their personal time. While scheduling the activity, just try to keep the schedule and personal obligations of your employees in mind.

Consult a professional
If you don’t have enough time and experience to host the team structure day, then you can consider hiring a team-construction expert. It is believed that an ideal team-construction professional has ability to create a unique connection among the employees with the help of exciting games and exercises. However, while selecting an expert, it is essential to make sure that he is of extreme-energy and can focuses mainly on innovative exercises.

Make it interesting
No doubt, fun and unique activities are the best methods, which assist to bring the employees closer together. You can make it more interesting by planning to go for watching a movie together, approaching the best bars in Singapore, to take a short cooking class, and any else that brings excitement among the employees. While planning a team building day, think of the interests and fitness levels of your staff members.

Surely, all the above instructions would greatly help to end up the day with lots of fun and a successful event.

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