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Saturday, 15 February 2014 06:04

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Singapore Bars

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Bouleavrd 4Valentine is a special time for lovers. So, how are you planning to celebrate it? Have you planned something special for this special day? Well, if not, then here are some happening ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Singapore bars. Let us see how restaurant & bars in Singapore can help you enjoy your Valentine Day special.

•    Take your beloved to alfresco bar:
If your girlfriend complaints you for not doing anything special for her, then take her to the romantic alfresco bar in Marina Bay or other happening place in Singapore. Book a table at the alfresco bar from where you can enjoy a beautiful view at the night and enjoy delicious food spending some good time together.

•    Take your boyfriend to sports restaurant bars in Singapore:
If your boyfriend is crazy about playing sports, then how about the idea of planning a surprise for him in sports bar? Well, just book a table at a sports bar and arrange for some drinks to celebrate the love day with a little difference.

•    For the corporate ones:
Well, if there is a corporate connection between you and your lover, then you can plan for your valentine in corporate style. Search for some of the best corporate bars in Singapore and after you are done with your professional meeting, you can spend some quality time together on the special day.

•    Spending a chill out evening:
Well, Valentine’s Day means love day, and this can be between anyone, parent-child, siblings, or friends. If you wish to celebrate this special love say with everyone who is special in your life, then chill out bars in Singapore are perfect for you. Or you can also host private party to celebrate this special day.

Most of the Singapore bars and restaurants have made special arrangements for this special day. On your visit, you will defiantly be amazed to see the special services and valentine special arrangements, so make sure you do not miss this chance.

Friday, 07 February 2014 10:20

How to choose the best wine bars in Singapore

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The oenophiles from around the world enjoy a lovely time in the island country. There are plenty of wine bars in the country that pour supreme varieties of wines on the glasses during the evening hours. You can step in to the wine bars in the country with your dear ones and enjoy your time listening to the soothing music that plays all night long. There are few cafes in the country that gets converted to wine bars after dusk. You have plenty of options to choose from if you are looking for a god place to have wine in the country. Here are few ways of selecting a good place.

Choice of wines

There are plenty of chill out bars in Singapore that stock splendid variety of wines. There are quite a lot of people who love to grab a wine on special occasions. They like to open a wine bottle to celebrate their anniversary with their special companion and celebrate the occasion in style. You need to choose a place that serves exquisite brands of wines. The place should stock imported labels too because lovely variants of wines are available from across the globe. It is better to choose a bar that provides you with options to choose from more than 300 brands of wines. This should ideally cover all your needs.

The interiors

In order to enjoy your wine in the best manner, the interiors should be attractive. After sipping a glass of wine when you are out on a date with a gorgeous person, you would want the atmosphere around you to be romantic. You might want to hold the hands of your partner and shake your hips. If the interiors are made of elegant tiles and contain beautifully arranged furniture, it will create a mesmerizing feel. You will be able to express your true feeling of love to dear ones at such a bar while having a candle light dinner. Hence, choose wine bars in Singapore that have a fabulous interior and great ambience.

The price

The most expensive Wine bars in Singapore might not be the places where you get the best quality wine. They might charge you hefty amounts for the great ambience provided or the usage of costly furniture. Good ambience is definitely an important factor in order to enjoy your wine and food but the rates should be reasonable. When you browse around, you will be able to understand the rates offered for the premium brands of wines at most places. Most of the popular brands will be available with a similar price tag at the popular bars. However, there are many wine bars in the country that provide you with exotic variants of wines at a wholesale price. These are mostly available at restaurants serving tasty food. You will have to order your food in order to enjoy the best price for wines. This is however a good option for you if you want to enjoy a lovely time sipping tasty wine along with scrumptious delicacies.

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 09:16

Reconnoiter the Nightlife in Singapore this Festive Season

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boulevard18Singapore has come a long way from a distinguished business hub and finance centre to an eminent tourist attraction. With plethora of bars in Singapore, along with clubs, discos, karaoke bars, night market, street opera, and much more, the cosmopolitan has so much to offer. This is clearly depicted with the arrangements made in the city during Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations.

To name some most celebrated nightlife spots in the city, The Clarke Quay and Riverside tops the chart. The place boasts of myriad of recreation centers and bars that best defines the liveliness and vibrancy of the city. The excitement here has doubled during Chinese New Year. Several clubs and bars with veteran staff, sensational views, pleasant music and a conventionally styled café and restaurant here undoubtedly proven to be amidst the best places for good bar food in Singapore.

You can also discover the essence of old Singapore, with a quick visit to Changi, representing the rich architecture and splendor as you dine out with your friends and family. Furthermore, Orchard Road is your ultimate destination for diverse shopping opportunities, along with exhilarating nightlife. This comprises of the modern Bar-Stop and clubs offering the cozy atmosphere and satisfying grill with whisky. Amidst all the fun and warm ambience, enjoying the feel of Spring Festival is cherry on the cake.  

Besides serving the food buffs and fun lovers during the Chinese New Year, Singapore also take prior care of live sports enthusiasts. Earlier, the lack of stadiums was a huge disappointment for the sport lovers. With an array of sports bars in Singapore, you can watch sport with the comfort of local club. If you will search for the best places to watch sports at bar during Chinese New Year, then you would get some good options. Popular for enticing outdoor/indoor setting, with comfortable seating and large plasma screens, these bars are a must visit for the sports lovers.

If you are planning to visit Singapore during Chinese New Year and thus thinking what to do here, then you would get plethora of options, which would definitely not disappoint you with your expectations.

Friday, 25 October 2013 09:55

The fun at the Best Singapore Bars

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boulevard18After a long day’s work, one might jump into a bar and sip a bit of cocktails. Bars are attractive spots for the thirsty hippos and chill cats. As night falls, bars come to live with the attractive neon lights flaunting for everyone to see. They make the nightlife flashy and lively. This is the case found in Singapore bars. There are many drinking spots in Singapore combined with restaurants meaning one can order food too. The bars have up to date facilities for more customer attraction and keep up from the high competition among other flashy taverns. Following are the unique joints found in Singapore.

One of the best bars in Singapore is Spiffy Dapper. Here you find all types of gins in Singapore. There is a lot of fun and experimentation that one will feel to spent the whole night at the place. It is behind Boat Quay. Ladies 1 on 1 Wednesdays makes it tempting to put on a wig and apply some make up to try their entrance luck. It sounds nice and alluring especially with lots of girls in the house.

One cannot miss hopping into Barkode. It is located at little India and is known for cocktails. The cocktails offered are unique and the creation is very outstanding. One can find top brands such as Johnny Walker Black Label, Martin Millers, KetelOne and Uluvka. It has friendly waiters who speak nice to the serving; they keep their customers coming repeatedly. Nine of the cocktails offered are changed after around three months to chase monotony. At the bar, try Pisco Passion, comprising of Pisco, egg white, lime juice, lemon juice obtained from a lemon and passion fruit. I bet you will keep asking for more. There is also serving of Tumbler, made from premium liquor.

The Studio Cocktail Bar is another bar place at top of the Singapore bars. Inside feels awesome, it pops up that feeling you get when you step in a house party. As the name suggests, it looks like a studio. The place has beautiful sofas with the fluffy pillows just to make you feel at home away from home. Snacks are served too for the snack lovers. Drinks served at studio are sweet Autumn’s Affair, blend of Bailey, milk and strawberry fruboulevard19its. There is also Woodstock, Chambord and famous Big Apple.

Feel free to visit Boulevard- one of the most popular bar chains in Singapore. Its decoration and color uplifts ones spirits and feel at the perfect place. To match to the occasion, mood, and requirement of different people, the bars has several chains with different concepts like, alfresco, sports, and corporate bars.  

Visit Nektar today for a rejuvenating feeling. Professional bar chefs mix the cocktails. You cannot miss that multilayered cocktail. It has the most sophisticated cocktails servings in Singapore. Select from the tempting range of drinks. One can also opt to order from the bartenders favorite drink whipped at own preference.

Friday, 18 October 2013 10:56

Spending Majestic Vacations in Singapore

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Wboulevard01elcome to Singapore, a land flowing with mesmerizing beauty, fascinating history, a bevy of natural attractions and intriguing culture. When a destination you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a wonderful treasure to always hold in your heart. Such is the modern metropolitan city of Singapore.

This city has almost everything to offer to everyone. It will entice you, take your breath away and catapult your sojourn into the limelight. With impressive sight-seeing and elegant parties with the scintillating haven will stir your soul and drive you berserk. If you go gaga over beautiful places and natural attractions on the face of the Earth, a visit to Singapore is worthwhile.

The vivacious city of Singapore can handle every aspects of your stay including delectable food, cozy and snug surroundings, and never ending entertainment. Yes, the never ending fun at the nightlife. The nightlife in Singapore captivates the interest of everyone who visits to enjoy the vacations or the one who stays in the city. The fun at the bars in Singapore would call you to groove with the music of enjoyment & taste the delectable alcoholic fun served in glasses. Also indulge voraciously into a range of delightful delicacies and have a taste of bliss and unprecedented luxury like never before.

There are several bars like, alfresco bars, sports bars, restaurant bars in Singapore, where the tourists can visit and spend an enthralling time. The ambience & the aura at the bars make every moment perfect. In fact, the best part of the Singapore Bars is the variety in concept. If you are in a romantic mood and want to spend a quixotic period, then alfresco is a perfect pick for you. If you are in a fun mood and want to enjoy sports with friends, then visit Sports Bars. Likewise, there are numerous such themes, which one can pick according to the mood.

Singapore takes pride in holding steadfastly to its values when it comes to planning your luxurious and comfy stay. It helps the city crafting a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors and clients. The pledge to these values stands tall, be it planning your stay or leaving an indelible impression in terms of quality food and stylish services at your beck and call.

Thursday, 03 October 2013 12:46

Singapore an ideal destination for the party hedonists

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Nightlife in SingaporeHave you been lately thinking of travelling to some place? Are you someone seeking for a place offering a vibrant array of nightlife? Then Singapore is the right destination for you. Singapore is the place for people who like to party hard and are always up for some entertainment. The Nightlife in Singapore is quite engaging and interesting, as it offers a number of entertainment choices.

There are several night spots in the city that tend to exist in clusters. And some of the areas that are quite famous night spots in the city and are popularly known for coming to life after dark are Tanjong Pagar, Mohammed Sultan Road, Boat Quay and Pasir Panjang village.

What’s more? After shopping for hours, there’s nothing that can relax your mind and ease it than a cool cocktail. So, if you want to chill out and have few drinks than there are many lounges and Bars in Singapore to choose from.
If you want to enjoy your nights to the fullest, then you can visit to the night clubs. There are a plethora of nightclubs to choose from, be it a quiet nightclub to relax or a nightclub with loud music to party hard with your friends.

As the night falls in Singapore, Orchard and Mohammed Sultan road and various other new spots like Marina Bay Crystal Pavilion are the best choices for boozing and partying whole night in the city. These places have some really happening nightclubs that would make you enjoy your night with either breathtaking live performances or by playing songs that energizes Singapore night life with world-class entertainment.

The entertainment and the music of the nightclubs and lounges in the city are designed so as to make your nightlife last through the night. So, for travellers Singapore has to offer an array of nightclubs and bars that will make their stay in the city worthwhile.

So, if you want a break from your boring schedule and chill out at a place that offers you maximum entertainment and gives you the peace of mind by letting you get lost in its party ambience, then there can be no other place better than Singapore.

Monday, 16 September 2013 10:21

Creative ideas for the first birthday party in bar

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First birthday is the big moment for the child and for the parents as well. People look out for the creative ideas that help in making their child’s first birthday celebrations successful and memorable. For this, bars in Singapore are the perfect option where creative ideas and interesting elements can be applied to enhance the look of the event. Celebrating first birthday in the bar is the best option, which will add on spark and will give interesting elements to the event. To make your party more chilling you can select best of the chill out bars in Singapore. On the other hand, if you want to give the natural touch to the event then nothing can be better than alfresco bars. Following are some of the ideas that can be applied make the party more special:

•    Think for the theme
Theme for the party plays an important role and especially when it comes to first birthday party then it becomes essential for you to think for some theme. You can think on the color, make the entire bar arrangements in one particular color. Your clothes should also be matching with the color theme and you can ask the guests to wear the theme color.

•    Combine with the concept of one
Combine with the concept of one means to connect with the concept first birthday party. Look out for the elements by which rest of the children happy and entertained in the entire event. For this, you can arrange or ask the bar owners to arrange for the magician or the tattoo maker for the children, or the anchor, who keeps the guests entertained, etc.

•    Add on loads of games for the kids
It’s is the first birthday that does not mean that kids are not going to be there. In the birthday parties kids are the main aspect that increases the look of the entire party. So, it becomes essential for your event that you add on interesting and finest games in the party. In the bar, you have to arrange for the kids section i.e. the game section and kids are going to love that place.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 06:56

Where can you have the better birthday party in Singapore?

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While organizing for the birthday party, there are many points that have to be kept in mind, but the major point is to decide the venue for the party. Venue for the birthday party plays an important role as it is the party for kids and everyone wish that the kids enjoy the party to the fullest. For this, people spend lot of time in deciding the place for the birthday party. Given below are some of the points that will help you in deciding the right venue for the event:

•    Dining bars restaurants in Singapore
Bars in Singapore can be the best and perfect option for you. There is different variety in bars from where you can choose. If you are planning for the birthday party, the main aspect that is look over is the food section for kids because they are choosy in eating the food. For this, it is important to select best of the dining bars restaurants in Singapore that can provide with the favorable food for kids.  

•    Party lawns
The second venue that can match your expectations is Party Lawns. Having a birthday party can be successful only if it is planned and executed correctly. If you want to plan for the lawn party, then surely look out for several elements keeping in mind that it is a birthday party and special focus should be on kids. In the party lawns, you have enough space that can be used for the games section for the kids. Games and entertainment should be included in the party.
•    Forest Adventure Party
This venue is going to be unique and innovative for sure. For the kids, who are above five years, for them, this idea is going to be superb. Kids are going to love the theme of forest party. But for this, you have to limit the area and become more responsible while deciding on the theme of adventure. You can easily create the forestry ambience in one of the parks and ask the organizers to arrange for the adventurous activities, which are loved by the children.
The above write-up was on the birthday party, but if you want some of the Creative Ideas for the First Party in Bar then click on the link, which will help you in making the first birthday party memorable and interesting.

Saturday, 07 September 2013 09:49

Enjoy Your Nightlife with Music Festivals at the Chill out Bars

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The charisma in every night in Singapore fascinates the people towards it. You too would have walked on the magnetic path that takes everyone to the world of fun, enjoyment, and mesmeric mood. If you are looking forward to more events to visit and make your night outs enthralling, then you can look at the events in various Singapore bars. This September, you’ll get several occasions to break the ice and enjoy.

There are music events at different Singapore Bars, where you can visit this September. Not just only the chill out bars but inns with alfresco & sports theme have as well organized special events to add a pinch of exclusiveness in enjoyment.

Music personalities are all set to rock the evenings with the fan-favorite tracks. You can immediately book your tickets, if you are planning to be a part of events.

One of the most awaited music events in Singapore is Singapore F1 GP 2013 - Rihanna - Sunday in Singapore. If you are Rihanna’s fan and want to see her moves live, then you must not wait and make your event booking immediately.  

You can also make a visit to Boulevard Bayfront, to attend the various events in this September. The alfresco themed bar makes you enjoy dazzling unblocked view of the Marina Bay Waterfront, taste the Asian cuisines specially prepared by the best of the chefs. To enjoy the good bar food in Singapore is another aspect which most of the people look out for. So, if you are planning to enjoy the nightlife, then hurry up and plan your September nights at Singapore bars.

Boulevard also has other dinning chains in Singapore, where you can visit. Restrobar, Craftbeer, Bayfront, & Number 9 are the other venues, which would give you more reasons to bang on the fun. Every bar has different theme and you may choose according to your likes & preferences.

Friday, 06 September 2013 12:06

How To Find The Best Bar To Host A Corporate Event

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barWhen it comes to celebrating some event, the first thing that comes into mind is to decide on the venue for the event. The venue plays an important role to enhance the look of the event and when it comes to corporate event then one has to be very particular while selecting the correct place. When it comes to celebrate some of the event then mostly bar is the place that is chosen. Bars have come with ample of variety in the providing the quality services when it comes to celebrate the corporate event. To celebrate the event you may select from the corporate bars, or sports bars, or whisky bars in Singapore. But for this, it is essential to select the right bar for a formal event:

•    Plan ahead
Planning is the first and foremost step that has to be kept in mind while hosting a formal event. While planning, look at each aspect that the bar is offering. In planning, you have to consider your budget, spacing area, quality services, finger licking snacks, arrangements, and well organized place. Well, you are planning for the corporate event, so make sure that the bar has enough of the resources that is required in your event. With organized planning, you can easily execute the ideas that you want to implement.
•    Make the list of bars
The second important point that has to be considered while selecting the right bar for the event is to make the list of the taverns. In selection, list is going to be a great help for you. In the list you can note down services, the plus and minus of each tavern that you are visiting, and most importantly the prices that they are offering. However, price factor is also important while deciding the right tavern for your event.

•    Restaurant with variety in drinks
Well, you are organizing an event in bar so for this it becomes essential for you to select the tavern that has variety in mocktails and cocktails. The organizers try their level best to make the event a successful event and for this, they have to keep in mind the point of drinks that includes whisky, wine, beer, among several others. If you have selected the bar as a venue then surely guests are going to expect quality time with drinks.

•    Consider the party area
To make the corporate event successful and to make the guests satisfied, you have to consider the party area that where the event has to take place. You are searching the right tavern for your corporate event for this, it is important for you to consider the right place. Singapore bars have variety of restaurants from where you can make the select, like if you want to have the corporate event in open roof then you can select the alfresco bars, if you want to give the casual look then for that wine bars, etc.