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bars in Singapore There is nothing better than watching your favourite sports on a big Plasma screen from the comfort of your favourite watering hole, in other words a bar, with a drink in hand.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a comfortable seat, along with your buddies, watching a World Cup Football final from the best bar to watch sports in Singapore.  Some bars are known as sports bars in Singapore, they cater to the hard core sports fans and do everything in their power to make watching the live sports as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for their fans.

A lot of hard work, expertise and precise details, goes in making bars in Singapore a special venue to watch live sports.  There are several reasons why the sports bars in Singapore are the best place to watch live sports, not only for ardent sports fans but for everyone else.  

Live Telecast of Sports Events: The sports bars telecast live sports events, for example, the just finished winter Olympic was telecast live and sports lovers enjoyed watching the action as it happened on the sports arena.  The diehard fans of any sport, be it Football world cup or Tennis matches or any other well liked sports they make it sure you will see what the fans on venue see at the same time.  

Big Screens and excellent sound system: In many places one finds it is difficult to watch the whole action and listen to the commentary if you are sitting far away from the screen.  The placing of television screen and sound systems leaves most people unsatisfied unless one is sitting directly in front of the screen.  This is not the case with sports bars in Singapore, they make proper arrangement to see that all patrons have excellent view of the big television screens and that the sound system is up to mark as well.

Great Food and Best Drinks:  It is not only the love of sports which brings the patrons again and again to the same bar, it is also the ambience, the atmosphere and the variety of good food and drinks.  Most expatriates and local population swear by their favourite places where the menu is packed with a variety of good food and best drink that money can buy and that compels them to visit the place again and again.

Places to hang out with sports lovers: One reason which draws so many sports lovers to the sports bars is not only the ambience, good food, big screens and sound system but also the company of like minded people.  If you are lover of sports you will become a part of hard core sports lover and can make as much noise as you want. The others will be cheering or booing along with you and there will be no one who would object to the level of noise.

Corporate barsWhen you conduct corporate events in Singapore, you would have plenty of needs to satisfy. In order to play the role of a good host, you will have to provide a wonderful reception to your guests. You need to make sure that your guests are able to enjoy good quality food and drinks. You need to make sure that each of them is provided with great attention and care. You should also take care of the entertainment needs of your guests. They should leave the place only with a happy mind. To make all this possible with ease, you should choose one of the good corporate bars in the country. Here are 4 major advantages that you get to enjoy when you make this selection.

Choice of drinks

When you invite your esteemed guests for an event, you would definitely want to welcome them to the dinner party with a mind-blowing drink. A good bar in the country is the best place for few amazing drinks. The wide menu option that you get to choose from is a great plus. You can order vodka for the ones who favor the Russian drink. You can choose from the finest blends from the whiskey menu. Nobody will have to leave the hall unsatisfied because their favorite drink is available. All the popular drinks available in Singapore would be available at the fabulous bars in the country. All your guests would be impressed by your hosting maneuver and this will help in making your event popular.

Amazing food

The bar food available in Singapore is really delectable. You can choose from the sea-food platter if you are a huge fan of crabs and fish. The crab dishes available in the bars are really mouthwatering. Most of the corporate hangouts would employ the finest chefs from around the world who are highly skilled in cooking dishes that are favored by all. Most of the corporate events would have people from different countries. Their taste preferences would differ and you will have to seek the aid of a qualified chef in order to serve their needs. The bars are the best places for corporate functions because of the availability of cuisines from all over the world, along with the drinks.

Excellent ambience

When you choose one of the best bars to host Corporate Gatherings Singapore, you will definitely be able to enjoy a wonderful ambience. The bars in Singapore that lie close to the river and the bay will provide you a magnificent view of the city, especially during the night hours. This is something that will add elegance to your event.

Special packages

If you shop around you will be able to find plenty of attractive deals from some of the best bars in the country, skilled in corporate gatherings. When you compare the rates with the same incurred while conducting at another venue, you will spot a massive difference. This again will help you in enjoying quality services without harming your wallet bad.

By the end of the day, the host will also remain happy like the guests if you choose Singapore bars for corporate functions!

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Different Reasons to visit Singapore Bars

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wine bars in Singapore From chill out bars to corporate bars, from sports bars to alfresco bars, with their different themes & cultures, Singapore bars have proven to be a perfect venue to serve different moods or celebrate different occasions. Have a look at the wider options at Singapore bars:

Sport Bars for the sports craze:

With plethora of options for sports bars in Singapore, the sport lovers get great options to enjoy the matches in the unique & fun filled way. The place is complete fun to be at with perfect  sporty ambience, complementary food & drink menu & host of people sharing similar interest. Every sport lover welcome this concept of bar in Singapore with wide opened arms.
Chill out bars:

The simple feeling of chilling out at a happening place with a group of friends can be lived at the best at the Chill out bars in Singapore. There are several bars where one just visit with friends or spouse and good bar food in Singapore along with glass of chilled beer.  

Corporate Bars:  

For hosting business meetings or corporate events in a unique way without compromising with the professionalism, Singapore bars are again a perfect destination. Corporate bars in Singapore have made special arrangements to host corporate meetings amidst the professional yet lively environment. The corporate bars with explicit ambience are the preferred choice of the corporate world today.

Wine bars

If you are looking for wine bars in Singapore for simply good bar food in Singaporeenjoying best of wine from any part of the world, then you will not get disappointed with the options. Be it a wed wine or white wine from France, US, Sound Africa or any other part of the world, you’ll get that in Singapore.

Spanish or Chinese Food Bars

The tempting desire to taste the delicious Spanish, Chinese, or Indian food would also let you the authentic traditional restaurants. You would get authentic traditional food in traditional ambience of the bar. And yes, this food is simply perfect in terms of flavor and aroma.

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Find the Best Bars and Restaurants in Singapore

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c1Singapore is well-known as an active business center that hustles all through the daytime influencing the wealth. No traffic to slow you down and overflowing drinks to assist you progress your feet in rhythm. One outstanding feature that no country will topple is time of day Singapore. There are best bar and restaurant in Singapore.

When coming up with a vacation, travelers typically opt for places that provide to their happiness. Singapore is an exemption to it. It doesn't matter whether or not you're a technology savvy, sports person, architect or scholarly person. It welcomes everybody and displays an over plus of activities they will perform to satisfy their interests. It’s not possible to require your eyes off the shimmering lights and heights. Singapore is thought to be the largest party to several. Finding best bar and restaurant in Singapore is simple as there are thousands of night clubs and N9-4bars that look out for an opportunity to entertain you and build your keep worthy. It’d be absurd if you're a celebration hopper and don't visit Singapore.

Happy Hour in Singapore ne'er halts. It’s an endless pleasure. The Singapore’s nightlife is meant to allow thrill-seekers drink to their fresh new found choice that continues till the sun shining. Wine, dine, amusement and music enflames you energy and appetency at the best bars in Singapore; so sleep will be the last item on your mind.  Singapore spoils you owing to the passionate array of selections it dishes out. It’s the sole cosmopolitan town that has a lively and stimulating nightlife. Luxury is tempting. Each beach, nook and area encompasses a surprise future for you. Such provision cannot be termed as benevolence however Singapore sure enough is aware of a way to party. Visit Singapore and know new and unmatchable dishes like Shanghai dumpling, lotus leaf rice, chicken feet etc. to name few.

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Champagne & Wine: Drinks To Make Any Feast Royal

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best bars in SingaporeWhat‘s your favorite way to celebrate a happy occasion? Is it the splash of champagne that splurges the excitement level and spreads the ebullience in the aura? Many of you would say a big yes to this, isn’t it? Well that is why be it a bar wedding in Singapore, or business event at Singapore bar, a variety of Champagne and even wine is always there.
To placate the varying needs, bars & restaurants always offer an assortment of options. Here are few most popular ones that you may as well consider upon your next grand celebration at the bars.

Champagne you would love to order for your events:

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV:

This non-vintage champagne from France tops the list of popularity. It is clear and has very pale straw with small active bubbles. Its aroma suggests flowers, vanilla grapefruit, and yeast. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV

This another non-vintage champagne from France perfectly suits the grand celebrations. It is & full of flavors with consistent quality. Its complex nose of apple, citrus and caramel is followed by full flavors with elegance, crispness and a slightly spicy finish. Devaux Grande Réserve NV

This champagne has floral perfumes with hints of stone fruits such as peach and apricot. Whereas on the palate, you would get aromas of ripe fruits, white peach and yellow plum. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV

This is another champagne from France that is popular for crisp, full flavors with consistent quality. The fine persistent sparkle and golden champagne colour makes it special. Its complex nose of apple, citrus and caramel is followed by full flavours with elegance, crispness and a slightly spicy finish.

Sparkling Wine you would love to order for your events:

Frank’s Massard Mas Sardana Cava from Spain pleases the taste buds of all the wine lovers. With its floral spring notes on the nose and a light citric fruit touch with pleasant yeasty flavours it enhances the wine tasting experience. On the palate, bar wedding in Singaporethe wine offers a prudent entrance with fine and well integrated acidity and complexity.

Straight away from Australia, Chandon Sparkling Brut NV with its mellow biscuity aromas with floral and boneyed notes would blow your senses. This mid to straw yellow color wine would give front and middle palate creamy feel with long lasting lively brut finish. This is blended from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir base wines predominantly from one vintage together with older reserve wines that add complexity and structure.

So now you know what you have to find at best dining bars & restaurant in Singapore to make your event grand & royal.

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The best things to do in Singapore

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boulevard29If you want to enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Singapore, you can try out plenty of things. The country attracts thousands of visitors every day because of the marvelous facilities and entertainment options available. The country suits all sorts of travelers. The ones looking for a quiet vacation to escape from the busy schedules can enjoy a cozy time in the beautiful resorts. The ones who love to party hard can enjoy the nightlife in Singapore at the vibrant pubs and bars. Here are some of the best activities in Singapore that would gift you with a memorable vacation.

Enjoy the local food

You will not be able to make your Singapore trip complete without trying out the lip smacking local food in the country. The hawker stalls that are usually open during the evening hours serve amazing local cuisine which is absolutely delectable. You can enjoy Malay, Chinese and Indian food too at the eateries in the country. The food at these stalls is cooked immediately on placing the order and hence you get fresh food on your table. You can even bargain the rates at the hawker stalls and when you are with a bunch of friends, the experience would be real fun.

A trip to the botanical gardens

If you want to escape from the busy crowds and enjoy some serene moments, you should visit the botanical gardens in Singapore. You will find greenery everywhere from the moment you enter the place. The gardens are spread across 74 hectares and are open till midnight. The rainforest and lakes inside the gardens are a treat to the eyes. You will enjoy each and every minute spend here because of the quietness of the place and the plush green surroundings which are made from exotic varieties of plants.

Shopping at Chinatown

If you want to have a lot of fun while shopping for your favorite stuff, you should visit Chinatown without fail. The place is a great option for buying local stuff. You can buy amazing jewelry, boulevard27excellent dresses, footwear and collectibles in Chinatown. Some of the best Singapore bars are also found in this area. You can grab and beer in between your shopping spree and relax when you are in this busy place in the country. You will be able to see plenty of tourists in this area because it is famous for the electronic gadgets and mouthwatering food options.

Nightlife at Marina Bay

Marina Bay is a must watch destination in Singapore. To enjoy Singapore nightlife bars in this area would be an ideal choice. The casino at the Marina bay is another place that offers plenty of fun. You can try your luck at the casinos and get the feel of Singapore’s version of the sin city. The breathtaking view from the skyscrapers in this area will linger in your memories for years. You will not leave back home dissatisfied when you visit Marina bay because the options available in this place are simply amazing.

c1After a hard slog at work, you might look for good places to relax your mind. You might want to enjoy some fun time with your colleagues at a good restaurant or bar in order to refresh your minds. Singapore is a country where people spend a lot of time working hard to earn their living. The country also has plenty of refreshment options to help you release your pressures and have a fabulous time when needed. When you choose the best corporate bars in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy a lot of facilities that are not available elsewhere. What are the facilities that are available at the corporate bars in the country?

Food and drinks

Singapore bars that are designed for corporate professionals provide you with great food and drink options. Most of the professionals love to try out new varieties of food and drinks in the country. This is due to plenty of reasons. Most of the huge companies in the country have employees from different parts of the globe. They share their food tastes with their colleagues and hence the others would want to try out the delicacies. The corporate bars in the country serve cuisines from different parts of the globe to serve the needs of their customers. You will hence be able to try out new delicacies when you choose a good corporate bar or restaurant in the country. You can also choose from the abundant varieties of wines and other drinks that are included in the menu.

Private rooms

When you want to have a great time with your friends, you might want to laugh out loud on lame jokes cracked and play your naughty pranks to make the gathering memorable. When you choose the ordinary bars Singapore, you might not be able to enjoy too much of fun because plenty of strangers might share the space with you. When you choose corporate bars, you do not have to worry about the others who step in to the place to grab a couple of drinks. You will be provided with a private space to accommodate the entire gang comfortably. Depending on the number of people accompanying you, a special room would be provided. The room will have great tables and chairs where you can spend a cordial time enjoying with you colleagues. The food and drinks that you order will be served in this room. Many of the corporate bars provide this facility without charging you any extra money.


The overall atmosphere at the corporate bars is very much different from that of the normal eateries. You will be able to find a tinge of elegance in each and every factor related to the place. The interiors would be excellent and the lighting would also be perfect. You will feel relaxed as soon as you enter the corporate bars because they are designed to provide the best-in-class facilities to the corporate professionals. You can even conduct your client meetings at these bars because of the excellent ambience available.

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A Great Opportunity to Feel the Nightlife in Singapore

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OB-RA585 zouk00 EA 20111215214149Nightlife in Singapore has continuously been a subject of gossip or discussion amongst the children additionally as adults. Individuals across the world need to go to Singapore as a result of this additionally. It’s same that Singapore appears like some another world once the sun sets and whole town gets brighten up with lights & cheerful bright faces of the individuals. It’s not like that Singapore celebrates night hours throughout weekends, however astonishingly everybody in Singapore manages to create nightly livelier and cheerful than the previous one. For them the way to wash from the agitated day at work is chilling out at happening whisky bars in Singapore. Many individuals visit Singapore yearly however fail to relish the foremost out of it. What is the reason behind this? The explanation is that they really fail to spot the place wherever the full town shifts in the dead of night. The night life in Singapore bars at marina bay creates the atmosphere of happening world for experienced individuals. The unusual booze & delicious food beside the rocking music is solely all-time from anyplace within the world.

A Night for Tourists!

That is true that folks living their lives in Singapore will create the simplest out of each night, however still the individuals from the opposite places may also have the texture of it. Though it's impracticable for tourists to remain longer in a very completely different country that's far from their home & work place, however still to bring a modification; relish the nightlife in Singapore, one night is enough. So, coming up with a visit specially for the experiencing what Singapore holds in the dead of night isn't in the slightest degree a nasty plan.

Unique Methods to Have Great Nightlife Experiences in Singapore

Singapore is one in every of the happening countries within the world. Individuals out there notice distinctive ways that to relish themselves, what is more, the service suppliers out their supply equally distinctive services to match their preferences. For example, the idea of Sports bar in Singapore. The Sports bars out there in Singapore are 24*7 occupied with the sports lovers. The sports lovers in Singapore go there to look at the series of their favorite sport & chill around with friends and every one. The favorite sport, exquisite alcohol, mix of dark hours and lip smack food will merely create any night a requirement have expertise. For the tourists, who are coming up with a visit to Singapore, it's essential to understand that they will get each chance to relish the simplest of the simplest expertise; however one issue that's needed is significant are pockets. That is a proven fact that once someone steps into this happening world cash flows like water & happiness comes like flood.

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Tips to choose the best restaurants in Singapore

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best restaurants in Singapore

When you think of Singapore, the first thing that crosses your minds would be the splendid restaurants in the country serving tasty cuisines day and night. The people of this country love food more than anything else in the world. New restaurants open up very often because of the huge popularity of food in the country. The restaurant business is highly profitable in this Asian country because plenty of people eat food from restaurants every day. There are many reasons for this. A lot of people residing in the country are immigrants from different parts of the globe. They visit Singapore for different reasons. Some of them visit the country to serve their business needs. Many of the others come here in search of a job and settle here. There are also a huge number of people who visit the country to spend a fabulous vacation. When I traveled around Singapore, I found plenty of amazing restaurants. You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner to the maximum when you choose a good restaurant. I am writing this blog to help my readers in finding best bar and restaurant in Singapore so that they can enjoy the best of food in the country.

You can make your choice based on the type of cuisine you prefer. There are many restaurants that serve Chinese and Indian dishes. There are restaurants specialized in exclusive food variants like Chinese, Mexican, Spanish and Indian along with the traditional Singaporean cuisine. It is always better to try out the restaurants serving dishes in the traditional forms. You will be able to enjoy Spanish cuisine in the country exactly as it is available in Spain because most of the Spanish restaurants fly in chefs from the country for the purpose. You can also mix different types of cuisine for each of your meals. A Spanish omelet along with tasty dim sums would make the best starters. If you order Schezwan chicken fried rice along with suckling pig and other meat variants, you will be able to enjoy your main course like never before. There are also plenty of desert variants that can be made by mixing cuisines from around the world. Choose the best restaurants in Singapore that serves cuisines from different parts of the globe to make your dine outs splendid.

If you are a person who loves to enjoy variety dishes, you can even try out the small food outlets in the streets. The hawker stalls are usually great places to enjoy tasty dishes at affordable rates. The best bars in Singapore might not serve those tasty dishes that are available at the local food stalls. If you are planning to enjoy a couple of beers with your friends at home or in your hotel rooms, it is always better to get your food parceled from the hawker stalls in the country.

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Unique Concept of Craft Beer & Sports Bar Amalgamation

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Sports Bar-300x210Craft beer bars have simply created sensation all over the world. The beer lovers take it as a gift from the breweries, and obviously why not, the concept is actually sizzling. What is further enthusiastic and has made the people loved it more is the combination of the craft beer with sports concept.

Yes, the fun of enjoying the beer along with the favorite match is the favorite of so many people. Now that when the combination of the Singapore sports bar as well as craft beer bar is done, then it has simply crossed the level of happiness.

The big screens, exclusive sound system, and fun filled aura have just combined with the creative elements. The limits of innovations crossed by the brew masters too are simply amazing.  Several bars in Singapore have also innovated with exchanging the barrels or casks, which complete change the feel of enjoying the drinks. Moreover, the breweries have also used the ingredients which one could simply never thought of mixing with the beer.

It is simply amazing for the sports & beer lovers that they can also make innovations. Breweries and craft beer bars are also making their guests experiment in their own way. In fact, you need not to be surprised, as several bars also use nitro instead of CO2, so that you can take out smoother beer free from carbonation through nitro tap.

So now, if you want to enjoy your much awaited match amidst your favorite teams, then just not k\look for best bar to watch sports, instead look up for best places to watch sports and enjoy beer at craft beer bar.