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Alfresco bars in SingaporeAlfresco bars in Singapore are the best places to enjoy scrumptious food options and amazing beverages. What makes them different from the other restaurants is the fact that you are provided with amazing options to make your dine-out experience terrific when you choose these places. You can watch your favorite team play or enjoy a special festival at these bars. You can enjoy outdoor dining enjoying the picturesque beauty of the country when you choose these restaurants by finding yourself a table under an umbrella. Here are some of the key reasons that make the alfresco bars popular in the country.

Celebrate special occasions

In order to celebrate a special day with your dear ones, you wouldn’t prefer an ordinary restaurant. You would want a place that provides elegant seating options and extremely delectable food. Since most of the restaurant bars in Singapore provide delicious dishes on all days, you would be more concerned about the ambience and the overall features of the place. The alfresco bars would satisfy your needs because of the excellent facilities provided. The normal restaurants that provide only the indoor dining option might not be good to celebrate a special day because the place would be crowded and you will have to stay in a huge hall with plenty of other people. The outdoor bars and restaurants are the best places to celebrate a special day.

A romantic dinner

When you take your partner out on your first date, you would not want to mess up with your selection of restaurant. If you choose a normal restaurant, you will have to do plenty of research in order to find a place that has a fabulous ambience. The more romantic way of doing it is by choosing a alfresco bar or restaurant in the country. The tables and chairs at the alfresco bars are arranged beautifully. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature when you order your food at an alfresco restaurant or bar. The seats place below beautiful umbrellas would help you to open your heart out to your special one in the best possible manner. To make your first date memorable, you need to make sure that your partner is impressed with the outing. When you choose an alfresco bar in the country for the day, you will be able to do that with ease. This is hence a great reason for the popularity of the outdoor bars in the country.

Corporate gatherings

When you conduct corporate gatherings, you would want to make the event memorable. To do this, it should be different from the usual events that take place in the country. Booking a hall and conducting an event at a corporate venue might be quite an easy thing to do but it wouldn’t create a huge impact on the minds of your guests. However, conducting it at an alfresco bar or restaurant would bring in a huge positive impact. You get real good bar food in Singapore at the alfresco bars. Hence, you can make sure that your guests are provided with delectable food items. You will be able to use the beauty of outdoor dining in a good way to make the event memorable. Today, plenty of corporate events are conducted at the alfresco bars because of the stunning beauty of the places that provide dining options enjoying the blissful sceneries of nature. This is another huge reason that makes these restaurants popular in the country.

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The top ways to enjoy your Singapore trip

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boulevard26Amazing entertainment facilities, serene parks that provide you with peace and joy in abundance, immense options to understand the world of technology in close proximity, tourist-friendly norms, fabulous food and accommodation options! These might be the major reasons that bring hordes of travelers from around the world to Singapore every day. If you plan your Singapore trip well and choose all the best options available in the country, you will definitely be able to make the trip memorable for your life. When you sit back in an armchair and think about your fond memories during the later phase of life, the Singapore trip will come back to your mind without losing its colors. Here are few tips to make it possible.

There are plenty of things to do in Singapore. Depending on the number of dates you are planning to stay back in the country, you should make a trip schedule. The Botanic gardens would be the best place to visit during the morning hours. Since the majority of other places would be open only by the late hours of morning, this would be the ideal way to manage your. The gardens are simply beautiful because of the plush green surroundings. You get to enjoy the beauty of umpteen varieties of orchids and many other kinds of flowers. You can enjoy a wonderful breakfast from the cafeteria located within the garden premises and enjoy the local cuisine. When you are done with the gardens, you can head to the Chinatown heritage centre. This will help you to understand about the rich traditions of Singapore during the end of 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

If you want to enjoy shopping at its best Haji Lane, Orchard road, Sungei Road Thieves’ market, Little India and Ann Siang Road are great options. You will find plenty of amazing shopping malls and small retail shops selling all sorts of good in these places. During the early hours of the night, you can enjoy your time at the Singapore Flyer to experience the beauty of Singapore.

The Sentosa islands, Marina Bay, Universal Studios and the underwater world are places that you should definitely visit during your trip. Since there are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars in Singapore at all the important tourist destinations, you will be able to enjoy your favorite cuisines and drinks in between the sightseeing trips with ease.

You will also love the nightlife in Singapore. There are plenty of nightclubs and pubs in the country that provide tons of fun all through the night. You will be able to drink, dance and make merry with your close friends. You will be able to dance your heart out at the pubs and the best bars in Singapore. If you are a person who is not a great party-lover you can enjoy the night safari and experience the world of the wild with a group of friends who love adventure. Each and every activity that you perform in the country will stay close to your heart because of the great facilities available.

Make sure you place your hotel reservations well in advance because the country attracts a lot of travelers all through the year. You will be able to find a good place to stay at attractive tariffs only if you act smart and reserve in advance.

All the elements that are required to gift you with a memorable holiday are available in Singapore. Plan your trip well, pack your bags and enjoy the best vacation! 

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Tips to arrange wedding ceremony in a bar

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Cantonese restaurant SingaporeThere are some moments in life that would be real special to each one of you. Weddings are one of the greatest moments in life that you would want to celebrate with all fun elements. When you look back into your memory after a long time, you would definitely want to think of this day with great joy. You would want the different scenes of the day to come alive before you even after years. This would be possible only if you plan the wedding properly and make it a real gorgeous event. A bar wedding Singapore would definitely be a great idea if you want to make the event memorable. You will be able to bring in a lot of innovations to the event when you choose a good bar in the country for your wedding. Here are few tips to arrange the wedding ceremony beautifully.

Choose a theme

You should choose a goof theme first in order to make the event splendid. You can check with professional wedding planners to get this done without any trouble. You can also do it yourself without hiring professionals if you are ready to spend some extra time. You will have to check with your friends or relatives who have conducted a bar wedding in the past and ask them for the themes they had chosen. You can also get ideas by browsing through the web. Once you choose a theme, you will be able to take care of the interior decoration of the wedding halls at the bar accordingly. You can also choose a dress code to make the event marvelous. Make sure you let your guests know about the dress code or else it will all get messed up.

Use your creativity

If you use your creativity, you will be able to make the wedding at the bars a wonderful event that would be remembered by all your guests. You should try to come up with fresh ideas that you have not seen elsewhere. Try to think about out of the box ideas that would provide a lot of fun moments during the event. The way you enter the hall with the bride and the way the important guests enter the venue etc can be made different from the regular styles. You can also use your creativity in decorating the backdrops and the interiors. This will all help in making the event memorable. You can enjoy a wonderful ambience without trying too hard if you choose one of the wine bars in Singapore.

Make the arrangements promptly

You need to place your bookings well in advance if you want to make the event memorable. The most popular chill out bars in Singapore would be booked for different events on most of the days. You need to place your reservations as soon as you are read with the wedding date in order to enjoy the best venue. If you wait till the last minute, you will have to settle for a bar that is not really popular for wedding events in the country. Hence, you should be the early bird and complete your reservations in advance. You should also place the food and beverage orders in advance. If you are planning to hire a wedding planner, do that well in advance too.

All these will help you to make your wedding an unforgettable event, not only for only but also for all the people gathered!

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4 factors to choose the best bar for corporate gatherings

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corporate events When you decide to host a corporate event, one of the most important parts is to choose the right venue. If the venue goes for a toss, your guests wouldn’t be able to enjoy a wonderful time. In order to make the event memorable, you need to ensure the happiness of your guests. Hence, you need to pay great attention while choosing the right spot for the event. Here are some of the most important factors that you should consider while choosing the best bars to host Corporate Gatherings Singapore.

Innovative thinking

Hosting an event at a place where your guests might have been to before is definitely not a cool thing to do. If you choose a new place, it will definitely add freshness to the event. Check out the newly opened bars in the country. Try to visit the bars after going through the list of newly opened corporate bars. If a place catches your attention as soon as enter the place, you should definitely give the place a try. There are other factors too that are equally important but making you happy as soon you enter is one point that would definitely make a huge impact. One of the greatest advantages you get to enjoy when you choose a new place is the innovations that they bring in order to stay competent in the market. You might find plenty of new features at the new place compared to the other places in the country that hosts a lot of corporate events every now and then.


You should make sure that the bar you choose for the event is centrally placed in order to provide equal convenience to all your visitors. You might have people flying down from exotic locations. There might be many others who attend the event from the same country too. You should make sure that the place is equally accessible to all your guests.


You should take a look at the facilities that are on offer at the bar. You would need a good ambience in order to gift your guests with a gala time. You should choose the place after considering the turn out that you expect for the event. You should make sure that the place has good furniture to accommodate all your guests comfortably. You should also take a look at the interiors designing of the place and make sure that the place suits your standards. If the place is dull and boring, it will adversely affect your organization’s reputation. So pay special attention and choose a venue that has elegance written all over the place.

Understand the limits

This is one of the most important factors that most of you would miss out while choosing a bar to host corporate gatherings. Each and every place in the country will have its limitations like the hours of operation, noise restrictions, design flaws, food supply limitations etc. You should make sure that all your needs are taken care of while choosing the place. Choose a place that operates according to your preferred time durations. You should make sure that all the facilities that you require during the course of the event are made available without any hassle.

When you keep a check on all these factors you will be able to make the event memorable for all your guests.

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Wine Bars Add an Extra Glint to Your Wedding

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wine bars in SingaporeMany people associate wedding with champagne; it has been a customary choice for the wedding toasts, but wines are also that much customary and becoming fast favorites for the occasion. Wines for wedding should be considered with due care. Even if your knowledge in this respect is quite limited, you can move ahead and select the right wine for your wedding reception. When you sample food and cake for the wedding, why not wine. An expert caterer will have a wide selection of wine for your wedding; whatever wine you choose, make sure that the choices have been sampled, and you are confident that they would go well at the wedding bash. Bar wedding Singapore is upscale with business these days with more and more weddings opting for wine bars.

It’s difficult to select a wine that would be a fit for everyone. Therefore, you should go for a selection, so that majority of your guests find something as per their taste and mood. What kind of guests are you expecting? Some of the guests might have been accustomed to visiting the chill out bars in Singapore; will they prefer white, red, sparkling, rose or a dessert wine? How many of your guests have been visiting to wine bars in Singapore; will they require sipping a nice one or two glasses of wine while socializing, or some of them might have nothing to do with wine? Answer to these questions will bring you in a better position to analyze your order regarding the type and quantity of wine while placing your order for the wedding.

If your menu consists of dishes having delicate white fish, a light bodied white wine, Sauvignon Blanc can be taken as a perfect choice. This wine is super versatile and goes splendidly well with seafood, eggs, chicken, salads and vegetables. If you are serving something heavier, a more full-bodied complex wine would be appropriate e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux. Not to forget is Rose; dry rose is crisp and fruity and pairs wonderfully with poultry, salads, pork, salmon tuna and even sirloin. Rose is an all weather wine, day and night and is hot favorite for weddings.

Sports bars in SingaporeFootball fever has gripped the whole world; everyone is talking of the day when they will be finally able to watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 on television screens. Foot ball fans are making frenzied plans, to get together and watch the game. Football teams of each countries have ardent fan following on par with famous singers and actors, they wear the colors of the team , watch the match together and for days talk about nothing but football. Usually the fans get together to watch the World Cup 2014 live in the bar Singapore, because there is nothing like watching football with your favorite drink in hand, and cheering and hooting together.

Boulevard in Singapore have made plans to double the fun for the football fans. They are going to show the live sport on the big television screens at vantage points to allow football fans having uninterrupted viewing of the matches. If you are a football fan there is nothing better than to watch World Cup 20141 live in bar. The football fans like to watch sports in bar, for various reasons, the television screens are big, and you can make as much noise as you like.

The fun becomes double when you:

• Get together with your friends and march in a sports club wearing world cup memorabilia.

• Watch the match live on a big television screen put up in your favorite pub with your favorite brew in hand.

• Join the stadium crowd as it cheers and hoots, you and your friends feel that you a part of the stadium crowd.

There is no doubt it is fun to watch World Cup 2014, in a bar, and particularly in a bar in Singapore, where experience is dramatic and unforgettable.

Watch World Cup 2014 live at Boulevard Craftbeer (9 Raffles Boulevard #01-23 Millenia Walk, SG 039596. Hotline: 81800347 before 10pm, 68832033 after 10pm) screening ALL Matches Live! during the world cup.

Outlets-RD-Subpage-Banner-Slider1Hosts prowl for making their wedding bash somewhat striking, something different and something unique, an event that is special as well as memorable. And this is also true for the guests even; specialty bars at weddings and banquets do require investing additional in terms of work, expenditure and staff expertise, but the extra input is worth for the Big Day, and they make the event prodigious and certainly not yet another stereotype. Bar wedding Singapore is getting popular these days with more and more hosts looking for ways to impress their guests and amuse them in a spectacular environment.

One can find many wine bars in Singapore, where drinks are ordered and paid for, but a specialty bar at a wedding reception would certainly be acclaimed by many as an unexpected delight. It won’t be right to set up a wine bar with other usual counters of beverages and all. They should be arranged at a distinct place with certain degree of seclusion. This will be greeted by many as a special surprise and indicate towards identifying the occasion as more special and revered. Remember that you have planned something special for your guests, and for that you have to complete the extra mile.

Many of your guests would be accustomed to visiting some of the chill out bars in Singapore, and you would like them to feel the same way in your bash. Having a wine bar in your wedding celebration would be a standard way to make them feel quaint and satisfied in every way. Serve a good selection of discrete brands; in fact panoply of some distinct names that are new or somewhat unheard to many would make your collection unique. Using placards with name of the wine brand, a brief description of the wine type and its geographical origin would create good focus and serve as a topic of discussion among your guests.

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The best combos to try out at the bars in Singapore

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bars in SingaporeSingapore is a country that is famous for its amazing range of restaurants and bars. Nobody visiting the country will have to go back without satisfying the food cravings. To make things splendid, it is always better to know some of the lip smacking and delightful combos that you can order at the bars in Singapore.

Seafood platter and cocktails

The bars in the country offer you with marvelous varieties of cocktails. The combination of fruit juices along with various alcoholic beverages makes real fabulous drinks. To enjoy the taste of these sizzling varieties of cocktails, you should choose one of your favorite dishes from the seafood platter along with the drink. Lobster cooked in traditional Singaporean manner would be an ideal dish to order. You can also try out any other seafood variant to enjoy the drink to the maximum.

Snacks and vodka

When you visit one of the sports bars in Singapore to enjoy your favorite game show along with a bunch of friends, you would want to order a fabulous drink to make the evening splendid. If you are a person who loves vodka, you can order one of the premium brands of the drink at the sports bars. Sipping vodka along with some wonderful snacks would complement the taste of the drink. You can order smoked fish or spicy sausages if you love want to spice up the evening. Olives and cucumber slices are also great options that go well with any flavor of vodka.

Brunch with screwdriver cocktail

After a late night party when you come back to your room and doze off, you might be too lazy to wake up in the morning for breakfast. During the trip to the country, you might enjoy waking up a little late than usual and might step out for brunch. The brunch dishes available in the country are simply excellent and you would love it more if you order a screwdriver cocktail along. The combination of orange juice and vodka will refresh you after a tired night and the presence of champagne will help you to start the day with elegance.

Scotch whisky with sushi

The Japanese sushi goes really well with Scotch whiskey. When you visit the best bar to watch sports in the country, order a premium brand of Scotch whisky along with the Japanese rice delicacy which is rich with the presence of tropical fruits, vegetables or seafood. The combination is marvelous and you would love it more when you are sharing it with a group of friends.

Bourbon with grilled chicken

When you order bourbon, go for grilled chicken instead of roasted. The combination would tickle your taste buds as it complements the taste of each other. Ask for single barrel bourbon at the bars in the country to make the combination stunning.

Whiskey and steak

When you want to enjoy a warm evening with your dearest friend, you would want to order the perfect combo. Steak is loved by most of the people and it would make a good choice if your friend has no difference of opinion with regards to the food. Order whiskey along with the steak and enjoy the splendid combination. It will make the dine-out experience really amazing!

nightlife in SingaporeThe nightlife in Singapore is simply splendid. The city is very much active even during the dark hours and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful time with your dear ones. There are plenty of things that you can do in order to make the nightlife experience wonderful. You can travel around the city; go to the major hangouts like parks and entertainment zones. Even the malls and shopping streets are active during the night hours. However, celebrating nightlife in the bars in Singapore would be altogether a different experience. Here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy your time at the bars in the island nation.

Order exotic varieties of drinks

When you are out with your close ones on a warm evening, ordering few exotic drinks would definitely be a great idea. The bars in the country stock all sorts of drinks from around the world. The ones who always have a favorite drinks can go for that and the others who love trying new varieties often can choose from the fantastic options provided. You can try out new brands of whiskeys, white rums and other variants. You can also go for the splendid varieties of cocktails to enjoy the night to the fullest.

A romantic night with your partner

A romantic night with your partner would be extremely superb when you visit the bars in the country. The overall atmosphere prevailing at the bars in the country is marvelous. You will be able to enjoy the chic lighting, excellent furnishings, attractive table arrangements and soothing music. Some of the bars even provide live music and you can enjoy your drinks while trumpets play near you. You can be sure of one thing when you are at the bars in the country. You will be able enjoy the best of nightlife in the country with your partner!

Dance all night

There are plenty of dance bars in the country where you can have a fabulous time dancing to the hit numbers. Enjoying the nights at the dance bars is real fun. You will find plenty of people gathered at these bars especially during the weekends. Since the country attracts a lot of tourists every day, even the weekdays attract a good amount of crowd. You will be able to tap your foot, have a fun time at the bars, and enjoy some of the world’s best drinks too.

Enjoy your favorite sports with friends

There are plenty of bars in the country that provide you with stunning extras along with the drinks that you order. If you visit the sports bars in the country, you will be able to watch your favorite game of sports with your close group of friends and have a gala time. The drinks would be served while you watch your favorite team play and this would make the experience splendid. Cheering for your favorite team and finding plenty of other supporters for your team would definitely help you to enjoy the night to the fullest.

Meet new people

You will be able to meet plenty of new people when you are at the best bars in Singapore. During the night hours many people set out to explore the bars in the country. The country is very friendly to tourists and it is hence safe to talk to strangers. You will be able to meet people who share similar ideas as yours when you visit the dance bars and sports bars in the country. This again makes the nightlife in the country amazing.

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4 health benefits of having alcohol

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whisky bars in SingaporeMost of you would like to have a couple of drinks during the weekends or whenever possible. Most of the special occasions are celebrated by serving popular drinks to the guests. You would love the drink for its amazing taste or due to the intoxicating effect that it provides. You might love the state of mind it takes you which would help you to relax. Well, there are more to the drinks than just the happiness it provides. Consuming alcohol in moderate proportion regularly can keep you healthy. It can help you to get rid of many ailments. However, too much alcohol is not good for your health. Singapore is a country that has plenty of fantastic bars. When you order your favorite drinks at the Singapore bars, you can enjoy a lot of health benefits. Here are few of the positives provided by alcohol.

Works against the common cold

The common cold, as the name suggests is a disorder that is faced by majority of the people. You would fall prey to this disorder for no particular reasons. Sometimes, it occurs when you consume cold drinks or get drenched in the rain. Well, if you have a small amount of alcohol regularly, you can keep away the common cold. You can bid goodbye to the frequent sneezing and refrain yourself from blowing your nose. The best drink to keep away the common cold is the red wine. Spend your weekends at the wine bars Singapore and get rid of common cold to a great extend. The antioxidant property of red wine is the reason for this.

Decreases the possibility of diabetes

Consumption of alcohol in controlled proportions can also help a lot in reducing diabetes. Your unhealthy food habits and consumption of sweet dishes can cause diabetes. Once you are bars Singapore attacked by this ailment, you will have to bring in huge changes to your daily diet. You will have to avoid many of the most favorite dishes of yours in order to maintain the blood sugar level and to keep you fit. If you order a drink or two every day, you can reduce the risks of diabetes to a great extend. This is because the alcohol helps to reduce the insulin level in blood and enhances the flow.

Lower the risk of heart ailments

Heart ailments are now very common and age is not a factor today at all. Even the young ones suffer from heart ailments due to the unhealthy food habits. Alcohol can be very effective against heart ailments too. When you drink a glass or two of alcohol every day from the whisky bars in Singapore, you will be able to improve your blood flow. It will also help in improving the good cholesterol levels and reduces bad cholesterol. The heart will function properly due to the proper blood flow that happens all the time, which would avoid the risk of heart diseases.

Reduces possibility of stroke

Stroke is caused when your arteries fail to function properly. When the blood flow to your brain gets blocked or minimized, it can cause stroke. When you consume small amounts of alcohol every day, you will be able to balance the blood flow in the best possible manner. The blood flow will be optimum and your brain will get sufficient amount of blood every day. It also helps in dissolving clots. Hence, the arteries would be working fine and your body will act positively, always. This will minimize the occurrence of stroke and thus keep you healthy.