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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 11:16

What's the best Grilled Chicken Skewers Recipe?

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Grilled Chicken SkewersSome of the delicacies available at the restaurants and wine bars in Singapore will make your trip to the country really splendid. The grilled chicken skewers is one such delicacy which is delicious and definitely worth a try during your trip to the food crazy nation. This is the perfect dish to order when you visit the best bar to watch sports in the country with friends or go to an alfresco bar to enjoy a casual dinner with your colleagues. This is also a dish that is fun to cook at home.

You need 6 boneless and skinless chicken thighs, half a cup of fresh orange juice, a couple of spoons of lime juice, a tbsp of canola oil, 2 tbsp chili powder, 3 cloves chopped garlic, chili sauce, freshly grounded pepper, and salt to taste in order to prepare this delicacy. You also need skewers made of wood to prepare this dish. You should soak the skewers in water for a couple of hours before starting off with the cooking process. Each half chicken thigh should be skewered with 2 skewers in order to keep it flat. Now, you should keep the chicken pieces in a baking dish that is shallow. You need to now blend the orange juice, lime juice, garlic powder and chili powder and then apply it on the chicken. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before proceeding to the next step. Meanwhile, you should set up a charcoal grill to heat the chicken in high temperatures. Take the marinated chicken and apply salt and pepper on it. You now need to place the chicken over the coals without using any plates for about 4 minutes, till it turns golden brown in color. Now you should turn it upside down to cook the other side. Once you remove the chicken from the grill, you should keep it aside for at least 5 minutes. You should cut the chicken piece through the centre and make 2 skewers in the process. When you serve it remove it from the skewers and garnish with lemon wedges, onion and tomato slices.

Grilled chicken skewers are perfect to order with cocktails and whisky at the top bars in the country. If you are looking for good bar food in Singapore, you should definitely try out the grilled chicken skewers, because it is yummy and goes well with all sorts of drinks and main course dishes. 

sports in Singapore barsWhisky is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages around the world. Singapore is not different when it comes to the popularity of this drink. There are many whisky bars in Singapore that offer the best brands of the drink and amazing combinations to make the experience wonderful. You will find plenty of people ordering this drink at the pubs and night clubs too. Even during corporate events, whisky is an avoidable entry in the drinks menu. When you order this drink while watching sports in the Singapore bars, you will be able to enjoy the game better.

Ordering premium brands of whisky is the best thing to do when you are at the elegant sports bars in Singapore. The Scotch whisky brands and American single malt whiskeys are available at the top sports bars in the country. The reputed brands always have a unique flavor which makes the drinking experience fabulous. Enjoying whisky on the rocks at the sports bars will definitely help you to cheer for your team better. Whisky is one of the best drinks that will help you to enjoy nightlife in Singapore to the fullest. The splendid flavors of the drink and the amazing feeling it gives to you when you are a few pegs down is something that is not offered by any other beverage. If you are ardent lover of any game, ordering whiskey is the best way to enjoy the game at a sports bar.

Ordering the best side dishes along with the drink is also important in order to have maximum joy. Pairing cheese and whisky is one of the best ways to enjoy the drink. Mixing premium whiskey brands with cola flavored beverages is also a good way to enjoy the drink. If you are watching your favorite game with a group of friends at a sports bar in the country, ordering nachos along with whiskey will help you to enjoy your conversations about the game better. When each of you grabs a bite a take a sip, you will be able to enjoy the game better. Ordering chicken delicacies and meat based dishes will also help you to enjoy whiskey while watching sports in a great way.

A good sports bar that provides a stunning ambience, scrumptious delicacies and a glass of whiskey will make watching your favorite sports at a bar in the country a fabulous experience.

Saturday, 29 November 2014 09:22

How Do I Make Delicious Chicken Karaage?

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bouleavrd Chicken KaraageSingapore is a country that will satisfy the food cravings of all sorts of people traveling from every nook and corner of the world. There are plenty of dishes available at the top restaurant bars in Singapore which will amaze you due to subtle flavors and the splendid aroma. Chicken Karaage is one such dish which you should try out without fail during your trip to the country. You can also make it at home if you use the right ingredients in the right manner. It is a dish that is cooked in traditional Japanese style.


You need to marinate the chicken in soy sauce, garlic paste, ginger cream and then scour it in potato starch. The potato starch makes a huge difference to the dish because it will make the dish crispy when deep fried in oil. You would require two days to cook the dish without losing its traditional flavor. The marinated chicken has to be left in the refrigerator overnight in order to get the ingredients blended well. This will make sure that the chicken becomes succulent when it is placed in the frying pan. Take it out of the refrigerator and keep it in room temperature for about an hour before starting off with the cooking process. The chicken should then be deep fried until it becomes golden yellow. The dish is quite easy to make and you will be able to enjoy it in the authentic way if you marinate the chicken with care.


Some of the hawker stalls in Singapore serving Japanese cuisine use cornstarch as a substitute to potato starch. This is the reason why you will feel full when you order Chicken Karaage at the street food vendors. The authentic wine bars in Singapore however follow the traditional method and use only potato starch. This is an excellent dish that you can order along with white wine and will help you to enjoy the taste better. When you visit the best bar to watch sports in the country with a group of friends, this would be a fabulous dish to order along with your favorite drinks. The dish would be perfect to grab a bite in between the game as it is crispy and delectable.

Chicken MakhaniIf you set out to explore the food options available in Singapore, you will not be done with the endeavor quickly. The country is frequented by travelers from different parts of the world and each of them has varying food preferences. The beauty of Singapore lies in the fact that all the travelers visiting the place are left extremely satisfied when it comes to food and entertainment options. When you visit the best bars in Singapore and the fabulous restaurants, you will be able to order cuisines and beverages from all over the world. Chinese and Indian restaurants should not be missed out during your trip to the country because of the robust flavors. When you visit these restaurants, you will find Chicken Makhani and Chicken Tikka Masala in the list of main course dishes. These delicacies will help you to enjoy the perfect blend of the mild, mature and fiery ingredients used in the continent of Asia to prepare main course dishes. Plenty of people think that Chicken Makhani is just another name for Chicken Tikka Masala. In reality, the only common factor between these dishes is that the key ingredient used is chicken.

The process of preparing the ingredients for cooking is different for both these dishes. The chicken used for preparing the Makhani dish is marinated with the other ingredients and refrigerated overnight before starting off with the cooking process. However, while preparing Chicken Tikka Masala, the ingredients are applied to the chicken and kept for hardly an hour before cooking it. The key ingredients used in preparing Chicken Makhani are almonds, curd, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander leaves, fresh cream, cloves, ginger and garlic pulp, chili powder, corn oil, salt and butter. The key ingredients of Chicken Tikka Masala are tikka paste, coriander, cumin, tomato, cream, cashews, turmeric, onion, and garlic paste. The difference in ingredients used makes the taste of these two dishes entirely different from each other. Assorted chicken pieces are used in Makhani dish but no other parts of the chicken other than the breasts are used in Chicken Tikka Masala. This gives the Tikka delicacy a standard appearance wherever you order it. However, the Makhani dish looks different each time you place an order even if you do that at the same eatery in the country.

Chicken Makhani is a dish that used more commonly during the corporate events conducted in Singapore, especially the ones that witness the presence of plenty of people from the western countries. This is because majority of the people around the world prefer food that is less spicy. The fiery flavors of Chicken Tikka Masala make it a food item that is loved only by a certain people. If your taste buds do not accept spicy flavors, you should order Makhani at the Indian restaurants instead of the Tikka dish. Some of the bars in Singapore serve a dry variant of the Chicken Tikka dish which goes well with alcoholic beverages, especially whiskey. The spicy chicken pieces give the drink a fabulous uplift and you will love each and every sip when you visit the bars on a warm evening with friends. Chicken Makhani is however a dish that is better enjoyed along with rice and noodles when you are in mood for a filling meal.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 09:04

What are some great Chicken Tikka Masala recipes

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Chicken Tikka MasalaWhen you visit the restaurants and wine bars in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy some of the tastiest dishes in the world. If you love chicken dishes, you should definitely try out the Chicken Tikka Masala that is served at the Chinese and Indian restaurants in the country. You can also order this dish when you visit the hawker stalls after a late night party. The dish is cooked in different styles. For the ones who love the spicy variant, the dish is cooked by adding green chilies and red-hot chili powder to the other ingredients. If you like the less spicy variant you should look for restaurants that use yogurt and tomato sauce instead of the chilies. Here are some of the most popular Chicken Tikka Masala recipes that you would find at the top restaurants in the country. You can easily try it out at home too.

Let us take a look at the less spicy variant first. You need a tub of natural yogurt, 1tbsp each of ground cumin, masala mix, ground coriander, turmeric, and turmeric powder. You also need the juice of ripe lemon, crushed garlic, grated ginger, a tin of chopped tomatoes, and 4 chicken breasts. You also need a tbsp of sugar and vegetable oil. First of all, mix the lemon juice, garlic, grated ginger and masala mix in a bowl filled with a small amount of water in order to make a paste. Now add a small amount of yogurt to the paste and stir well. Add the chicken and mix the ingredients such that the chicken is completed submerged in the bowl. Keep this combination refrigerated overnight. On the following day, grill the chicken for about twenty minutes until it is well cooked. Take a frying pan and fry the onions gently along with garlic and ginger for a very short time. Add all the spices to this combination and add tomatoes into the pan. Add the remaining yogurt too and cook it in low flame until the mixture thickens. Keep it aside for few minutes and then add the sugar and cooked chicken. Cook for few more minutes in low flame and the dish is ready to be served!

You would also find a slightly different version of this dish when you visit the best bar to watch sports with your friends. The places that serve fabulous drinks make this dish with a lot of cream and mango pulp. You can try the same at home by substituting the tomatoes with cream and mango. This small change in the list of ingredients will bring in a huge change to the overall flavor. This version of the dish will not be spicy at all and you can enjoy it with your colleagues who are from different parts of the globe. However if you are ordering Chicken Tikka Masala as good bar food in Singapore, the dish will be spicy and will be reddish brown in color. It goes well with fried rice and Indian bread delicacies.

Thursday, 13 November 2014 06:35

What does cooking with wine do to a recipe?

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chill out bars in SingaporeWhen you are in Singapore, you will not have to worry about food options at all because the country is one of the best places on earth to enjoy the tastiest food varieties. You will be able to order local cuisine as well as exotic delicacies at the restaurants in the country. Even the hawker stalls that are generally open during the night hours serve the most succulent dishes in amazing flavors. When you visit the premium restaurants and chill out bars in Singapore, you will find plenty of dishes in the menu that uses wine as a major ingredient. What does wine do to a dish? Why is it so popular in the country?

A splendid flavor is added when you include wine in recipe. The pleasing aroma of the wine transforms a normal dish into something special. The grape flavored wines will add sweetness to the dishes in a good way. When you use wine for cooking, you will also be able to mask the pungent flavors to a good extend. When certain tastes are expelled from the ingredients used in a dish, the taste will become entirely different. Wine makes the dishes luscious and delectable. It makes the dishes a bit more moist than usual which will make it yummier. When you order dishes cooked with wine along with fried rice delicacies and noodles available in the popular food joints while enjoying nightlife in Singapore, you will definitely enjoy each and every bite. It will be a different experience altogether because the wine used in the delicacies will make it an entirely different dish which you have never tried in the past.

Wine enhances the taste of meat and other common ingredients used for cooking. Red wine is used while cooking red meat and white wine is used with the brighter varieties of meat. If you are cooking fish or chicken at home, you should use white wine to enhance the taste. For beef and pork it would be better to red wine. The flavor it adds is truly amazing and you will love the dish more for sure when you do this. Different types of wines are available today and it all tastes different too. Hence, when you use wine for cooking, you will be able to enjoy subtle flavors on your dishes. When you order a different brand of wine to cook the same dish, you will be able to enjoy entirely different taste during the two occasions.

Special delicacies that are served during corporate events are often cooked with wine because of the fabulous taste it provides. If you want to make an ordinary dish delectable, adding a few spoons of wine will work wonders. You can hence use wine while cooking different dishes at home during special occasions too. If you want to celebrate your anniversary in style, use wine when you cook the dishes and enjoy the wonderful change it brings to it.

When used in moderate quantities wine will help to enhance your health. Plenty of countries around the world use wine in majority of their dishes because of the health benefits provided. Wine helps to purify the blood and to strengthen the heart muscles. You will hence be able to enjoy the wonderful taste and stay healthy when you add wine to your recipes.

Friday, 07 November 2014 09:00

10 popular bar drinks in Singapore

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best bars in SingaporeWhen you are at the best bars in Singapore, you would want to order the most popular drinks. This will help you to impress your partner or anyone else accompanying you to the bar. Here are some of the most popular beverages available at the top bars in the country.

Singapore Sling

This is one of the specialty drinks available at the Singapore bars. It is a cocktail made from brandy by mixing fruit juices and liquors. It is usually served in a classy tall glass and would be garnished with a red cherry.

Dirty Martini

This is a gin based cocktail which contains dry vermouth and olive brine as the other key ingredients. It is shaken well with ice cubes and garnished with olives. It is one of the best drinks to order when you are a classy pub in the country.


This is another cocktail that is basically made of gin. Orange juice is mixed with the gin and ice is added to it in large quantities. It is usually served in lowball glass and is available at all popular pubs and bars in the country.

Bahama Mama

This rum cocktail will be ideal when you are in a mood to drinks something unique. The splendid combination of coconut liqueur along with pineapple juice and coffee liqueur makes this drink luscious.

Blue Hawaii

Blue curacao is mixed with rum and pineapple juice to make this drink. The addition of sweet and sour mix to this combination gives it a unique flavor.


Different varieties of Margarita are available at the popular bars in the country. When you visit the corporate bars, you will be able to choose from frozen margarita, fruit flavored margaritas and the spicy flavors of the drink. This tequila based cocktail is one of the most ordered drinks during all special events in the country.

Mint Julep

Mint Julep is a wonderful drink that is made by combining bourbon, mint, sugar and ice. A small quantity of water is also added to the combination. It is a classy drink which is generally ordered by men.

Boston Sidecar

This beverage is a mixture of rum, brandy and limejuice. Ice is added to the mixture and is shaken well before pouring it into a cocktail glass and brought to your table.

Long Island Iced Tea

If you want to enjoy one of the most popular cocktails at an elegant pub or bar in Singapore, Long Island Iced Tea would be a wonderful choice. With vodka, rum, tequila, gin and soda combines with a variety of extra flavors, this drink has all the ingredients necessary to make your party night special.


Vodka is also a favorite drink at the bars and pubs. Screwdriver is one of the most ideal drinks for the ladies who are trying to have a good time at a pub or dance bar. This is a drink that is made by mixing orange juice to vodka and is served on the rocks. It taste excellent and is also a refreshing drink.

Tuesday, 04 November 2014 09:01

What are the basics for a dinner party bar

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N9-8In order to enjoy your dine-out experience, the restaurant you choose should be excellent. There are different parameters that you should consider while choosing a dinner party bar in the country. Since there are plenty of options to choose from in Singapore, you will definitely be able to make a good selection if you are ready to do adequate research.

The service quality of the restaurant can be judged right from the time you make a call to book a table. If the person answering the phone makes a note of all your needs in a careful manner, you will definitely feel confident about choosing the place. You can also lookup the reviews on travel portals written by people who have visited the restaurant. If the person answering the phone does not impress you in any way, you do not have to waste your time researching about the restaurant.

Once you arrive at the restaurant, you will feel happy only if you are greeted well by the staff at the hotel. Providing wallet parking facilities would definitely be a good start. When you host a dinner party, you would want to make all your guests comfortable. This will be possible only if the staff at the restaurant or display great gestures. If the guests are greeted well by the staff and directed to the respective tables, it will definitely make things easy for you. Your guests will also be happy if the wait time is avoided. When you select the top chill out bars in Singapore for the dinner party, you will be able to enjoy your experience because of the impeccable service quality provided.

Availability of the most popular drinks is another necessity when you host a dinner party. When you choose one of the top wine bars in Singapore, you will be able to order the best drinks for your guests. The finest brands of wine and other popular drinks are served at the good wine bars in the country. You will be order special side dishes too with a glass of wine to enjoy the experience like never before. Most of the wine bars have their own specialties mentioned in the menu. The menu will contain the details regarding the ingredients of specialty dishes served at the wine bars along with special brands of wines. When you order the right combos, you will definitely be able to make the dinner party fabulous.

When you host a dinner party at one of the best dining bars restaurants Singapore you will be able to enjoy the best food options, beverages, ambience and also attractive prices. You will also be provided with topnotch facilities like availability of a special room to provide you with adequate privacy. The place will also be at an ideal location that is easily accessible for all your guests. You will be able to enjoy all the premium facilities at attractive rates when you choose one of the best restaurant bars in the country to host your party.

When you consider all these factors while choosing a restaurant for hosting a dinner party, you will be able to keep your guests happy. 

corporate eventsWhen you are at one of the posh bars or pubs in Singapore with your business partners, you would want to order some of the classiest drinks. Your orders will definitely take you a long way to leave a positive impression in front of your colleagues and clients. Similarly, when you choose one of the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore, you should make sure that the beverage menu consists of the most elegant drinks. Let us take a look at some of the stylish drinks that should make it to the list.

Bloody Bull

This is one of the classiest drinks that will be loved by all men. It is a cocktail made by mixing vodka, beef bouillon and a variety of sauces. This is a drink that can be used to start off your corporate event in style. It has a manly flavor and might not be preferred by women. As the name suggests, it has a burning taste and you will get the taste of each drop all the way through your throat till it reaches your belly. You should definitely try it out when you visit the vibrant pubs in the country during the late night parties. This drink will indeed be a hot favorite when you host corporate events.

Gold Rush

No elegant event will be perfect without a couple of shots. If you want to provide your guests with an elegant drink, Gold rush should definitely be included in the list of beverages. It is a fine combination of bourbon, honey and citrus juice. The taste of the drink is brilliant and can be used as an ideal appetizer during corporate gatherings.

JD and Coke

Jack Daniels is one of the most popular whiskey brands around the world. The chic beverage should be included without fail when you throw a party to your business partners. The great combination of JD and Coke is quite famous all over and you should stock this drink in plenty. The bittersweet taste of the combination will make people to come back for more during the party. It is one of the most common drinks served at all major corporate bars in Singapore.

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is one of the most popular drinks found at all major pubs in Singapore. The splendid combination of gin and vermouth along with olive juice gives a sizzling sensation in each drop. It is a drink that takes up the top spot in any list of cocktails. If you include this drink in your list, you will not have to specify separately that your event means fun!

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Majority of the men love beer. Hence, you should definitely include the most elegant brands of beer when you host an important event. Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of the classiest American beers that you should include in your beverages menu while hosting a party for your corporate partners.

A man who orders classic drinks will definitely grab a lot of attention. When you serve all these drinks while hosting an important event, it will definitely enhance your reputation.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 09:18

The best combos to order at the bars in Singapore

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restaurant bars in Singapore,When you visit the restaurant bars in Singapore, you can try out plenty of amazing combos. The country being one of the most popular food destinations in the world also serves some amazing beverages. You will be able to enjoy the right mix of food and drinks when you visit the wonderful bars and restaurants in the country. Here are some of the best combinations that you should definitely try out during your trip to Singapore.

Wine and Taralli

Wine is a wonderful beverage that will be of immense help to start off any special occasion. When you take your special one to one of the elegant bars in the country, you would definitely want to start off with a bottle of fine wine. All the premium brands of wines that are popular around the world are available at the bars in Singapore. To make the day better, order Taralli along with the wine. These cracker snacks are excellent when you have it with the wine. It tastes really amazing when you order it with red wine. These Italian snacks are available at all the popular bars in the country.

Nachos and Beer

When you visit the best bar to watch sports in the country with your friends, you would definitely want to order beer. When you sip the beer while watching your favorite team play, you would want to munch on some good variety of snacks too. Nachos are the best when you order beer. You will enjoy the drink better when nachos are served. You will also love the combination when your favorite game is on.  

White wine and Seafood

White wine and seafood is a wonderful combination which will leave you in a state of bliss when you visit an elegant restaurant in Singapore. The best dishes that you should try out with white wine are lobsters, prawns and tuna. If you visit a Spanish or Chinese restaurant, you will love the dish better. Some of the bars in the country that serve local cuisine too are excellent to enjoy white wine and scrumptious varieties of seafood.

Martini with Pepper chicken

Martini is one of the most popular drinks around the world. When you order this wonderful drink, you would need a spicy side dish too. Pepper chicken is a wonderful combination when you order martini. You can try it out at the alfresco bars in the country when you are out on a date. You will definitely feel happier when you try out this splendid combo.

Roasted duck and Vodka

When you take your lady out on a special day, you might stop in to enjoy a meal. If you want to suggest a wonderful combo to your lady when you are at one of the best restaurants or bars in the country, go for roasted duck and vodka. It is a wonderful combination that tastes excellent. You will love every bite of the roasted duck when you take a sip of vodka in between. The combination is just superb and you should try it out at the places serving Chinese cuisine.