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6 most popular delicacies from the Italian platter

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#1 Minestrone


This Italian delicacy is one of the hot favorites of the health conscious lot. The major ingredients of this thick soup delicacy are celery, beans, carrots, tomatoes, and vegetable stock. It is available in different flavors. If you want to order a delicious starter delicacy at the best dining bars restaurants Singapore serving Italian cuisine this would be the best option.

#2 Prosciutto


Now, this is one of the best Italian dishes that you can order during your Singapore trip that will help you enjoy the true flavors of the cuisine. The choice of ingredients and the way everything is blended together is the key specialty of this dish. It is cooked using dry ham as the key ingredient. Different types of spices are added to the ham along with salt and it is generally served uncooked. You should order it at the best bars in Singapore along with a glass of whisky to enjoy the taste of this dish to the fullest.

#3 Risotto


This is a rice delicacy which can be ordered when you are done with the soups and starters. Risotto is one of the most delectable Italian dishes which will fill your stomach. It is available in meat, vegetable and seafood flavors at the elegant restaurants and bars in the country.

#4 Lasagna


This is a dish that is extremely succulent due to the richness of cheese in every bite. You will love this dish if you are huge fan of cheese. This dish again is available in different flavors at the restaurants and Italian food joints in Singapore. When meat along with a variety of spices is mixed in cheese, you get to enjoy a delectable delicacy.

#5 Pasta primavera

Pasta primavera

This is one of the most popular variants of Italian pastas that can be ordered in Singapore. You should definitely try out the vegetarian variant of this dish at least once during your trip to the island nation.

#6 Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

You can order this delicacy at any eatery serving good bar food in Singapore. The dish makes one of the best food pairings when you order your favorite drinks mainly because of the extensive add-on options available. You can choose meatballs, beef slices, sausages, or mushrooms, among a variety of other options if you go for this delicacy.

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