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5 Bar Etiquettes to Ensure a Great Time

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Ever heard of ‘do unto others as they do unto you’? This goes with everything you do in your day to day life. If you follow some basic bar etiquettes you sure can have some quality time hanging out in the best bars in Singapore.

Be polite to the bartender


Try not whistling or waving your hand to call the waiters. They are there to serve you but be polite to them.

Be ready to order


It indeed would be very annoying if the bartender has to come over and over to your table to take an order. They may also feel like making you wait before you get your order. If you are a regular customer and you have the same bartender whom you are pals with you may not even need to order, he can bring in your regular.

Be appreciative


If you find the delicacy served to you to be extremely delicious or if you find the service of the waiter exceptional, do not hesitate to throw in a word of appreciation. A pat on the back or a good word will make the day for the waiter.

Don’t argue at the table

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Bar tables are often places where the best and worst of emotions flow out without any inhibitions. Singapore bars find it quite a put off if you argue at a table with strangers even if you feel you are flying!

Keep your cards ready


You would never want to be pictured as a drunkard who cannot even reach his pocket for money after a few drinks down. So keep your cards or cash ready well before in hand. In some of the top bars in Singapore you can pay in advance too.

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