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What is the difference between Harrisa Sausages and Bockwurst Sausages?

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Bockwurst SausagesSingapore is a country that will never thwart you when it comes to food and drink options. If you are a person who loves to try out new cuisines, Singapore would be the best place in the world to visit when you want to take a break from your hectic schedules. There are quite a lot of elegant restaurants and stunning alfresco bars in Singapore that serve the most delectable dishes and the most sizzling drinks in the most fabulous ambience. During your trip to the island country, once you find out where to drink in Singapore and where to order the tastiest meal, you will definitely have a great time with your dear ones. If you are a person who loves the succulent flavors of sausages, you should definitely try out the Harrisa sausages and Bockwurst sausages at one of the most popular restaurants in the country during your trip. These two are the most popular variants of sausages served in the country. Both the sausages are extremely different from one another.

Bockwurst sausages were first made in Germany. Hence, these sausages have a European flavor. Harrisa sausages were first made in Asia. Hence, you will be able to order this variant of sausages in a wide variety of flavors. The cooking process is only significantly different from one another. The Cockwurst sausages take a longer time to prepare compared to the Harrisa sausages.

The key ingredient used in Bockwurst sausage is pork. Harrisa
sausages are usually made from the meat of lamb, beef, or even chicken. Hence, you will be able to enjoy different variants of Harrisa sausages at the restaurants and cafes in Singapore but the Bockwurst sausages are usually of the same taste. You will however enjoy the dish to the core because it is extremely succulent. Some of the eateries in the country cook the pork separately using different spices before rolling it into the sausages. You will hence be able to enjoy subtle flavors of the dish when you visit the restaurants in Chinatown area and some of the cafeterias in Orchard road.

Salt, paprika, and white peppers are the major ingredients used to give taste to Bockwurst sausages. Harrisa paste, pistachio kernels, parsley, and poppy seeds are used to make the Harrisa sausages succulent and extremely delicious. The difference in ingredients brings in a huge difference to the flavor of these sausages. All the ingredients required to prepare both these sausage varieties are available at the major stores in Singapore and hence preparing it at home wouldn’t be a hard row to hoe. You can enjoy the authentic flavors of these sausages, when you visit the top restaurants and bars in the country.

When Bockwurst sausages are served, it would be better to use mustard sauce as he dip. However mustard sauce doesn’t go well with Harrisa sausages. You will have to go for chili sauce or tomato sauce while ordering this variant of sausages at the chill out bars in Singapore. You will definitely love the experience because of the scrumptiousness of the delicacy.

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