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What are some ways to make Chorizo Sausages?

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Chorizo SausagesSausages are great snacks that can help you get rid of your hunger in between main meals. When you are out shopping with your friends or want a quick bite during the evening hours, you can visit one of the sports bars in Singapore and order the luscious chorizo sausages. If you love spicy food, this would definitely be the best kind of sausage that you should try out during your trip to the island nation. The chorizo sausages are also served at the eateries that are open until the dark hours and hence, you can try it out even when you set out to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore. The dish is one of the most popular items at the bars in cbd Singapore because of the way it pairs with the most popular alcoholic beverages. You can also cook the chorizo sausages at home if you get all the ingredients required to prepare the dish ready.

The choice of meat and spices is the key factor that makes the dish scrumptious. 2pounds pork, 3 large chilies (preferably Mexican), few garlic cloves, 2tbsp oregano leaves, 2tsp ground cumin, 1tsp freshly ground pepper, 1tsp brown sugar, 4tsp vinegar, 2tbsp tequila, and salt to taste are required to prepare the dish.

You should take a bowl that contains a cup of boiled water and then put the chilies in it. Keep it aside for about ten minutes. Now mince the garlic, and add it along with oregano, black pepper, cumin, vinegar, sugar, tequila, and salt to the bowl. Place the contents in a food processor in order to make it smooth.

You should now use an electric mixer to blend the contents in the bowl with the ground pork. The mixture can be used for a week if you place it in a refrigerator after sealing it well.

Now use a sausage casing and fill the ingredients tightly. You can cook it in an oven or get it smoked to enjoy the chorizo sausages. Serve it hot in order to enjoy the delectableness of the dish.

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