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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 03:38

Boulevard Yacht Party

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Boulevard Yacht Party 2016
21st May 2016, Saturday

As a gesture of appreciation to its dedicated staffs and service crew, Boulevard held a Yacht Party event out into the sea at Sentosa Cove.
It was a cool and cloudy day with team Boulevard in high spirits on board the Eagle Wings Yacht, comfortably sized for more than 40 pax.

Fine day out into the sea at Sentosa Cove, Singapore


The Eagle Wings Yacht Chambers


Team Boulevard Singapore


Rewinding a couple days back to the event at Sentosa Cove, ONE°Marina Club, crew staffs prepare themselves for a day of excitment with activities such as of gambling, board games, Karaoke (KTV), buffet, sun tanning and beer. The yacht set sail for Lazarus Island for lunch where a splendid buffet line was served. The view included sailing to MBS for the viewing of Singapore's city skyline. 


Anticipating yacht set off


It was a pleasure once again for Boulevard to have DJ Thy Dowager on board for its events.

       DSC01282       DSC01288



 Boulevard's dedicated service staffs

Beer booze all day long 

DSC01297    DSC01306

 out relaxing at the yacht deck, enjoying the therapeutic breeze as yacht sails along


BB Jayla


BB Jasmine Tan


BB Clara 



Event left crew staffs leaving in good spirits. 'Work-life balance', a motto which Boulevard believes in. Stay tuned for further exciting Boulevard event bits.
For more event pictures, click here.

For job openings, please write in to < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > or call +65-8876 8876.


Monday, 16 May 2016 07:32

NEW Boulevard Asia Square Opening!

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Boulevard ASIA SQUARE Grand Opening
10th May 2016, Tuesday 6pm.

IMG 0893

As one of the newest outlet added to Boulevard's chain of bar concept, Boulevard ASIA SQUARE is a combination of dining & bar quite unlike anything around the Central Business District (CBD) area. It is a contemporary and modern dining bar centered around an Asian theme. The beautiful outlet was designed with an oriental theme in mind; adding iconic touches of red and white lanterns that hang from high ceiling as can be viewed through its glass facade.

IMG 0876

In keeping with the tradition of Boulevard's past parties, event sports a premium buffet line with sumptuous dining selections in the likes of asian tapas and local delights familiar to many locals. It was a private and intimate affair as guests gathered in anticipation of party commencement. 

IMG 0981       IMG 0708

All ready for event commencement..

IMG 0957         IMG 0902

Event highlights ARCHIPELAGO craft beer. Featuring Boulevard's very own edition of Archipelago beer - The BOULEVARD LAGER.

Beef IMG 0834

Menu highlights Boulevard's signature Premium Brazilian Beef Steak, grilled perfectly for the occasion.

Boulevard invited more than 300 guests — including personalities such as Miss Korea, DJ Thy Dowager and Q-Doll, VIPs from Hong Kong and Boulevard elite members — for an exclusive party to mark the opening of its new dining bar, Boulevard Asia Square. As with all events held by Boulevard, parties are incomplete in the absence of Boulevard babes, a hallmark of Boulevard's establishment.

IMG 0896

Strutting the party in style with the Boulevard Babes.

With the opening party in place, guests were welcomed with special selections of premium drinks from MACALLAN,  luxury wines from VILLA OPPI as well as locally brewed Craft beer series by ARCHIPELAGO brewery. Good music and delightful gourmet to kick start the evening.

Macallan IMG 0911       

DJ Dowager 2

DJ Dowager 

Spicing things up with DJ Thy Dowager spinning in the house for the grand opening. 

Westerners IMG 0704       2 Westerners IMG 0927 

3 babes IMG 0825       2 BBs IMG 0736

Hanging out with babes of the night.

Cheerwrap Team IMG 0822

Nick IMG 0925

Guests rocking late into the night!

Guests turned up in fashionable ensembles to match the evening, basking late through into wee hours. Event also graced guests from Citibank, Black Rock, Manulife and other distinguished members from around the CBD region.

DJ 2 

Dj 3

Second in program line-up: DJ Q Doll from Vietnam.

Flying all the way in from Vietnam for Boulevard's grand opening is DJ Q Doll -  one of the lastest up and coming DJ in the SEA clubbing scene.

IMG 0767

Outlet Busy IMG 0871

Party on full house mode.

Crew IMG 0730       Hai Tao IMG 1003

Behind-the-scene service and crew.

The event ended off with a bang, special thanks to generous sponsors from the following:
Edrington, Archipelago, Culina, Royalton, Villa Oppi and Chuan Seng Huat Liquors, TSM Food Services, Natrad Food, Vismark, AF&AM, Traders East Marketing, Duni Song Seng Syntech & Toh Thye San. 

Boulevard Asia Square dining bar is quite the perfect spot for some after-work drinks, corporate meet-ups, or if you simply want a non-crazy place to relax and unwind during the weekdays.

To celebrate its grand opening, Boulevard ASIA SQUARE has a series of exciting promotions going on. Check them out on 

Click here for Boulevard ASIA SQUARE menu.

Address: 12 Marina ViewAsia Square Tower 2 #01-04/05 Singapore 018961
(T): +65-509 5527 
Enquiries/reservations: +65-8876 8876

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 11:22

The Best food pairings with Beer

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#1 Chicken Wings


Chicken wings are the best food delicacies that can be ordered with beer. The crispy dish will help you enjoy your drink better. If you are with your friends at one of the most popular bars in Singapore and want some quick snacks to enjoy your pitcher, chicken wings would be the ideal choice.

#2 Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers

Fish fingers is available at almost all popular bars in the country and is excellent with beer. The layer of flour that covers the crispy fish fingers adds to the taste of the delicacy and will help you enjoy your drink better.

#3 Chips and Dips

Chips and Dips

Different kind of chips and dips can be ordered at the best bars in Singapore. Nachos, Mexican chips, Indian tapioca chips, and Spanish variants are excellent choices to enjoy your beer in an elegant way. You will also be provided with a stunning range of dips in amazing flavors to choose from which will make the drinking session memorable.

#4 Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers

If you want to enjoy a spicy snack with your beer, jalapeno poppers would be a good choice. The dish is served with a bowl of cheese which makes it extremely succulent. You will love each and every bite of this dish in between each sip of beer.

#5 Sausages


Pork and chicken sausages are the best choices when you want to enjoy your beer at a stunning bar or pub in the country. The stunning flavors along with the meat gives it an extraordinary taste when had with beer.

#6 Chicken Kebabs

Chicken Kebabs

The middle-eastern delicacy is an excellent choice when you order a glass of beer at one of the best sports bars in Singapore. The dish is extremely crunchy and does not contain too many spices. The subtle flavors and the crispiness of the chicken make it a fabulous dish to order any day at a good bar in the country.

#7 Spicy Cheese toast

Spicy Cheese toast

Cheese based delicacies are fabulous when ordered alongside beer. The spicy cheese toast is a fabulous delicacy that can be ordered at the stunning bars in the country. If you are with your fiancée or partner and want to enjoy a memorable night out, this would be the dish to order with your beer.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 09:07

6 drinks to enjoy the night party at Singapore Bars

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#1 Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer

Tiger beer is one the most sought after beverages in Singapore. The drink will give you great relief during the hot summer days and will help you to enjoy your evenings at the nightclubs and bars in the country. The drink is classy while being easy on your pockets. This is the perfect drink to order when you visit the restaurant bars in Singapore with your friends after the hectic hours at work.

#2 Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is a cocktail variety that will help you enjoy the richness of local flavors. You should go for this drink when you host parties at corporate bars for your clients or while throwing a party for your friends. The drink is extremely tasty and goes well with all sorts of meat based snack delicacies.

#3 Singapore Sawa

Singapore Sawa

The amazing blend of ginger liquor, lemon peel, and mint leaves will provide you with a perfect drink to enjoy your evenings at the elegant pubs in the country. This is one of the best drinks to order if you are in mood to party with your friends.

#4 Apple Punch

Apple Punch

Apple Punch is a fabulous combination of fresh, clear apple juice and vodka. If you set out to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore, this would be the best drink to order at the effervescent pubs and nightclubs in the country. You will definitely enjoy your time better, dancing to the tunes of your favorite numbers if you have a glass of this classy drink at the night bars.

#5 Monster Green Lager

Monster Green Lager


All those who don’t love regular beer should try out the Monster Green Lager at the bars in Singapore. The drink is different from regular beer especially due to the presence of a variety of spices and vegetables that gives it a totally different flavor. You should definitely try it out at least once when you attend a night party at the bars in Singapore.

#6 Club Wine

Club Wine

This is a stunning choice any day and the bars in Singapore will offer you with the most popular brands of club wine. You will be able to enjoy some romantic moments with your partner when you order a popular brand of club wine at the Singapore bars.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 06:41

5 Best local cocktails for bars in Singapore

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#1 Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is one of the most popular local cocktails. The drink is now famous all over the world but you should not miss out on a chance to order the authentic version of the drink when you visit one of the chill out bars in Singapore. The key ingredient of the drink is gin and it is sweetened with some amazing fruit flavors. Cherry juice and pineapple are used to give a succulent flavor to the drink.

#2 Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is a truly refreshing drink which will be of great help when you fight the warm summer days in Singapore. This cocktail drink is a stunning combination of gin, tonic water, and lemon juice. The lemon juice is freshly added to the gin and shaken well along with ice cubes. A small portion of pineapple juice is also added to the combination to give a stunning flavor.

#3 Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

This is another local cocktail variant that can be ordered at the elegant bars in the country if you want to try out something special. The choice of ingredients makes this drink unique. Banana liquor is the key ingredient of the drink and it is shaken with cinnamon tea, lemon juice, and a very small portion of apple juice. It is prepared using bamboo shafts which gives it an inimitable flavor.

#4 Pi Pa Kao

Pi Pa Kao

This is a coffee bases cocktail delicacy that can be ordered at all sorts of watering holes in the country. You can order it at the whisky bars as well as the wine bars in Singapore. The drink is extremely tasty and refreshing but more importantly it will help you get amazing relief to sore throat.

#5 Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa

The extracts of barbeque pork is used to give a vibrant flavor to bourbon to prepare this cocktail drink. You will enjoy each and every drop of this drink because of its amazing flavor. It is sour and equally sweet. You will enjoy this drink at the whisky bars in Singapore if you order it along with chicken delicacies. It also goes well with cheese cake and chocolate.

Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:04

6 most popular delicacies from the Italian platter

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#1 Minestrone


This Italian delicacy is one of the hot favorites of the health conscious lot. The major ingredients of this thick soup delicacy are celery, beans, carrots, tomatoes, and vegetable stock. It is available in different flavors. If you want to order a delicious starter delicacy at the best dining bars restaurants Singapore serving Italian cuisine this would be the best option.

#2 Prosciutto


Now, this is one of the best Italian dishes that you can order during your Singapore trip that will help you enjoy the true flavors of the cuisine. The choice of ingredients and the way everything is blended together is the key specialty of this dish. It is cooked using dry ham as the key ingredient. Different types of spices are added to the ham along with salt and it is generally served uncooked. You should order it at the best bars in Singapore along with a glass of whisky to enjoy the taste of this dish to the fullest.

#3 Risotto


This is a rice delicacy which can be ordered when you are done with the soups and starters. Risotto is one of the most delectable Italian dishes which will fill your stomach. It is available in meat, vegetable and seafood flavors at the elegant restaurants and bars in the country.

#4 Lasagna


This is a dish that is extremely succulent due to the richness of cheese in every bite. You will love this dish if you are huge fan of cheese. This dish again is available in different flavors at the restaurants and Italian food joints in Singapore. When meat along with a variety of spices is mixed in cheese, you get to enjoy a delectable delicacy.

#5 Pasta primavera

Pasta primavera

This is one of the most popular variants of Italian pastas that can be ordered in Singapore. You should definitely try out the vegetarian variant of this dish at least once during your trip to the island nation.

#6 Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

You can order this delicacy at any eatery serving good bar food in Singapore. The dish makes one of the best food pairings when you order your favorite drinks mainly because of the extensive add-on options available. You can choose meatballs, beef slices, sausages, or mushrooms, among a variety of other options if you go for this delicacy.

#1 Gin Madras

Gin Madras

Gin Madras is one the most vibrant drinks that can be ordered when you set out to enjoy nightlife in Singapore. This amazing cocktail drink can be ordered at all major pubs and bars in Little India, Chinatown, and Orchard road. The cocktail is a combination of gin, cranberry juice, orange juice, and is served in a long glass filled with ice cubes.

#2 Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii

When you are in a mood to enjoy the dashing beaches in Hawaii, the bars in Singapore will offer you with an incredible cocktail beverage that will take your senses to the picturesque views of the islands. When you order it during the weekends at a place that offers a stunning view, you will definitely have a gala time with your dear ones. Rum, pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix, and blue curacao are the key ingredients that makes this scorching drink. You will enjoy it best when served with a glass full of ice cubes.

#3 Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

If you want to start off your weekend mornings with a mind-blowing cocktail drink even before you have your breakfast, Tequila sunrise would be a splendid choice. Made by mixing tequila, orange juice, and grenadine the drink will help you start your day on a happy note. You should order it at an elegant restaurant or bar in the country where orange wedge are used to garnish the drink.

#4 Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular cocktail drinks around the world and you can order it all major restaurants and wine bars in Singapore. Vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lemon juice are the major ingredients of the drink and it tastes simply fabulous.

#5 Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

Sea breeze is another cocktail drink that has a lot of takers in Singapore. If you prefer a light drink after a tedious night, this cocktail drink would be a good choice. The key ingredients of the drink are vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice.

#6 Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea

Vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, and cola are the key ingredients of this drink. Needless to say, this is one of the most intensely flavored cocktail drinks that you can order at the bars and pubs in Singapore. You will definitely be able to refresh yourself and revitalize your senses after a glass of this drink!

#1 Chicken wings

Chicken wings

Chicken wings would be the best dish to order at the sports bars in Singapore when you are enjoying your favorite game on the video screen with a bunch of friends. A plate of this dish will be good to share among your friends and would go well with all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The Chinese restaurants specialized in Szechwan cuisine will serve you the spicy variant of this dish. You can also enjoy the host spicy chicken wing variety when you visit a bar in the country serving Mexican cuisine.

#2 Hot & sour Indian spiced fries

Hot & sour Indian spiced fries

As the name suggests, this variant of snack is hot and equally sour. The dish is prepared in traditional Indian style using wedged potatoes that are peeled to perfection. The potatoes are fried in sunflower oil after seasoning it with a variety of spices. You will love it most when you order it along with a glass of whisky or after a few rounds of tequila shots.

#3 Green salad

Green salad1

When you visit one of the best bar to watch sports and want to concentrate on the game without consuming a lot of alcohol, green salad would a wonderful dish to order. It is perfectly healthy and extremely scrumptious. You can order it with your favorite fruity beverages.

#4 Smoked beef sausages

Smoked beef sausages

The beef sausages cooked to perfection by the Chinese chefs will definitely tickle your taste buds. This scrumptious delicacy can be ordered at all major restaurant bars in Singapore. It would be a perfect starter dish and also a filling interim snack. If you want to grab a quick bite in between your shopping spree in the country, you should order this dish at one of the eateries in the country.

#5 Fish fingers

Fish fingers2

Anybody who loves seafood would love this scrumptious delicacy. You will love this dish when you order it as an entrée dish at any good restaurant or bar in the country. The dish is amazingly crispy and will melt in your mouth. It goes well with all sorts of beverages too!

Friday, 17 April 2015 09:13

7 Reasons of Choosing Bar for your Corporate Events

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#1 Ideal locations

Ideal locations

The corporate bars in Singapore are located at the most popular spots in the country. When you invite your clients and business partners for an event, you would want to provide them with an address that is ostentatious and this need would be met when you choose the bars in the country as the venue.

#2 Topnotch facilities

topnotch facility

You will not have to seek assistance from third-party vendors when you conduct the corporate events at the elegant bars in the country. All the facilities that you need would be included in the package.

#3 Helpful staff

In order to execute the event seamlessly, you would need the assistance of few people at the venue. When you conduct the event at the elegant bars you will be lent a helping hand by the staff for sure. The staffs at the good bars in Singapore are known for the warm gestures that they exhibit which will help a lot in making the corporate event a grand success.

#4 Vibrant ambience

Vibrant ambience

You will not have to worry about the light settings, arrangement of furniture, or the interior décor when you choose the bars in the country as venue for the corporate get-togethers. You will be provided with a vibrant ambience for sure.

#5 Excellent choice of drinks

Excellent choice of drinks

Majority of the corporate meetings would start with a welcome drink for your guests. When you are the good bars in the country, you can make sure that your guests are provided with the premium brands of beverages of all types.

#6 Scrumptious delicacies

Scrumptious delicacies

If you are able to serve the most luscious delicacies to your guests, you will be able to win their praise for sure. The bars in the country will provide you with the most fabulous variety of cuisines.

#7 Affordable rates

Affordable rates

Now, you would want to throw a fabulous party for your clients and customers but would be glad if you can keep the bill within a certain limit. If you choose the bars in the country as the venue, you will be provided with true value for each every penny spent.


Monday, 13 April 2015 10:12

5 Best Whisky Recipes to Enjoy in Bars

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Bourbon whisky


Bourbon whisky is used to prepare this cocktail. A portion of vermouth is added to 4 portions of bourbon along with a twist of orange peel and a dash of Angostura bitters. These ingredients are mixed together in glass along with a few ice cubes. These ingredients complement the blend of whisky and provide you with the perfect drink to help you unleash after a hard day. 


sazerac new 

This is another fabulous drink that you can order at the whisky bars in Singapore. It is prepared by mixing 2 ounces of bourbon with 1tsp water, 2 dashes bitters, 1/2tsp superfine sugar, and a twist of lemon peel. The ideal way of preparing it would be by mixing all the ingredients other than the whisky in a blender first and then pouring it into a glass contains whisky and few ice cubes. Do not shake the glass or stir it after doing this in order to enjoy the delicate flavors of the drink to the core. 




2ounces of Scotch whisky, 1/2ounce vermouth, 1ounce ruby port, and a dash of orange bitters are the ingredients used to prepare this elegant drink. This is the best drink to order when you visit the Singapore bars along with your important clients or business partners. Do not let the sizzling taste of the drink deceive you and force you into ordering a couple of extra rounds!

Mint Julep

Mint Julep


This is another cocktail variant that uses bourbon as the key ingredient. Powdered sugar, few sprigs of mint, and water are added to give the right flavor to the whisky. The drink is to be gulped on the rocks if you want to enjoy the perfect blend of whisky and mint. It is available at all major water holes in the island nation. 

Irish coffee

Irish coffee


Irish coffee is one of the most popular drinks available at the bars in Singapore mainly because of the way it can be made with even a very small quantity of whisky. The drink is hence ordered by all sorts of people including the ones who consume alcohol only during parties and special events.

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